There are various IPTV providers with brands that have their dealing across the unlicensed industry. One of them is Vader or Vader streams. It is also known for its Darth Vader logo. The platform used to provide service to a large number of direct customers and subscription re-sellers. They had at least 1,300 TV channels and a library of VOD content running close to 3,000 titles.

However, something went horribly wrong in may of this year, and the company had to close down. Vader didn’t provide much information on what causes them to shut down. But it is speculated that the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the anti-piracy giant has something to do with the Vader closure.

Back then an unverified copy of a cease-and-desist notice targeted towards Vader surfaced. ACE members allegedly sent it; However, the authenticity of the copy is yet to be confirmed. So, nothing is confirmed then.

ACE Shuts Down Vader Stream and Asks $10M in Damages
ACE Shuts Down Vader Stream and Asks $10M in Damages

However, it is clear that ACE was behind the shutdown of Vader. ACE includes dozens of powerful content companies across the world. ACE file for a secret court proceeding in Canada through which it obtained “Anton Piller” order.

It is a civil search warrant that allows plaintiffs to ender the defendant premises without any due notice to secure any evidence which might support their claim. This is done before the defendant, i.e., Vader can destroy or tamper evidence. TVAddons founder Adam Lackman was brought down using the same order.

What does this mean for Vader?

While the Lackman case is still in court, Vader is shut after the Federal Court of Canada issued a permanent injunction. ACE has also served Vader with a bill for $10 million in damages. ACE also announced that Vader must also “cede administrative control” over its entire “piracy infrastructure”.

This probably means that no part of Vader should be in function and everything associated with Vader, i.e., Email IDs, account + reseller name, etc. will be wiped out.


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