Despite the US convincing the allies about potential risks from Huawei, Russia has welcomed the company to partner with them in developing next-generation wireless technology. Both Russia and Huawei has signed a deal on Thursday stating that the company will start providing 5G services in Russia. Xi Jinping, president of China has signed this deal.

America’s Ban Divides The World Into Two Groups

The recent ban imposed by America on Huawei has a great impact. The world will now be divided into two parts, countries supporting Huawei and the countries that won’t. American authorities are saying that accepting Huawei services are nothing less than providing a surveillance option for the Chinese government. While Huawei has denied this allegation, the company is trying to make more market in the countries.

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Huawei is All Set to Offer 5G Services in Russia

Other countries across the world are under tremendous pressure of whether to accept the company or not. America is pressing its allies like Germany and Britain to ban the company altogether.

Huawei’s vice president for privacy and cybersecurity, Mike Lauhde told that the decision of America made collateral damage in US-China Trades. The feud went on another level when China’s Commerce Ministry said that they will make their own list of unreliable foreign companies.

Russia has already started the 5G network by associating with the Finnish company Nokia. Rostelecom, Russian Telephone Company is already building a testing area for high-speed internet.

It is still unclear whether Russia will have the 5G network or not as the military has denied freeing the required radio frequencies. Russia is trying to build an economic tie-up with Russia keeping aside the Moscow-Beijing tension.


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