Apple Airpods Pro is the talk of the town when they’re released. These wireless earbuds can produce fine audio, excellent noise cancellation, clearing disturbances while on call, etc. But they were expensive. Apple’s pricing model is the sole factor for steering users for alternatives. And if you’re one of those, browse through our list below.

Though Apple boasts about being genuinely wireless, they’re a hell of several makers in the market who do the same. Famous names such as Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, etc., make their versions of Airpods Pro at far lower prices. Below is the list we’ve grouped such products that seemed best alternatives for Apple Airpods Pro for Android and iOS.

List of Best Alternatives to Apple Airpods Pro in 2022

The recommendations we made below are based on a simple metric, having similar features like Airpods Pro but at a lower price.

1. TicPods Free

TicPods Free

It’s got a stick-like design as Airpods Pro and has all the required features. It’s IPX5 rated, isolates from noise, ergonomic fit, and charges fast. It supports Google Assistant and Siri for doing simple jobs. It plays for 4 hours on a single charge and could be extended to 18 hours with the case. TicPods Free are retailing at the lowest price of their life now.

Price: $49.99

Get it here: TicPods Free

2. Motorola Verve Buds 500

Motorola Verve Buds 500

Motorola finally tries its hands-on genuinely wireless earbuds with its Vervebuds 500. These Airpod like earpieces come with a compact case, which boosts the playback time by an additional 6 hours to general 3 hours of buds playback. This may not be much, but fair to its price and design. The tiny earbuds are ultralight and compatible with calling and voice assistants.

Price: $60.85

Get it here: Vervebuds 500

3. Nokia True Wireless Earbuds

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds

These are our favorite picks due to their design. Nokia’s got no special name for them, as they’re the first one from them. These are super light and almost invisible when worn. The buds themselves live up to 3.5 hours and, in this case, live three times more. The case is crafted cylindrical, making it easier to fit in any place. It’s got LED indicators, long standby time (70 hours) and is available in three colors.

Price: $99.99

Get it here: Nokia Earbuds

4. Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds

The big brother to jumps into this Airpods craze with its Echo Buds. These earpieces will play up to 5 hours per charge and go 20 hours with the case. It has crispy sound and simple touch controls for noise cancellation and activating phone calls.

Amazon gives an option to customize your buds as large, medium, or small to fit free into your ear. And, of course, they support Alexa along with other assistants. There’s a 3-month free Audible access as an introductory offer too.

Price: $129.99

Get it here: Echo Buds

5. Klipsch T5

Klipsch T5

It’s so classic enough to be hiding. Klipsch doesn’t do many promos but can beat Airpods Pro in almost every aspect. It’s fairly priced for features like IPX4, an app for controls, etc. It’s best to handle phone calls and even work when I pulled one earbud off.

The buds themselves have a playback time of 8 hours and live long for another 24 hours with a charging case. It’s got a rich look and is worth its price.

Price: $124.95

Get it here: Klipsch T5

6. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser isn’t just trustable, but pricy too. Though expensive, it justifies its price. Momentum has an overall battery life of about 12 hours, with buds active for 4 hours alone. Connecting them to the app would give you more freedom of setting EQ, customizing touch controls, etc.

If this seemed okay, consider getting the Momentum 2, which has double playback time and will be released in April this year for the same $299. But Momentum itself is discounted at some sites, so consider.

Price: $299

Get it here: Momentum Buds

7. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

These tiny earpieces, except for color, wouldn’t even be seen by others when worn. They fit right into almost any ear with ease and give the best output possible. It has Ambient Aware mode, AKG integration for better sound, simple controls, etc. The buds themselves play for 6 hours, and if added with a charging case, will live another 9 hours. It’s got three colors like black, blue and yellow.

Price: $99.99

Get it here: Galaxy Buds

8. House of Marley Liberate Air

House of Marley Liberate Air

It seems bulky but weighs less than 15g. Liberate Air has a bamboo design on both earpieces and creates no pain when worn. In general, it’s IPX4 rated, Bluetooth 5 a range of 10 meters, and got the most extended battery life – 9 hours. And if hooked to the charging case, it shall come for another 32 hours.

Price: $149.99

Get it here: Liberate Air

9. House of Marley Redemption ANC

House of Marley Redemption ANC

Redemption ANC is just another wireless earbuds from House of Marley, which resembles Airpods Pro. It sits perfectly into an ear due to its careful craft. A design with wood on earpieces is a different thought. It’s IPX4 rated, has an ambient mode, noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5, and charges with USB-C. It gives 5 hours of ANC playtime (20 hours with case) and supports quick charging.

Price: $199.99

Get it here: Redemption ANC

10. RHA TrueConnect

RHA TrueConnectThese earbuds closely resemble the Airpods Pro design, at least the lower part. Further, it’s also an IPX5 rated for water and sweatproof and juices up 50% in just 15 minutes.

A single charge would garner a playback time of 5 hours. And the combined playback time (includes charger case) shall go for 25 hours long. It’s Bluetooth supported with a range of 10 meters and available in White, Blue, and Navy colors.

Price: $169.95

Get it here: RHA TrueConnect

From Editor’s Desk

Apple’s Airpods Pro has a distinctive look, but that couldn’t be the sole reason for Apple charging more with normal features. The list above has a few products similarly designed as Airpods and have similar features. Others


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