Today, when the entire world relies very much on the internet, think about the worst possible situations you might face. Hopefully, if our vision is quite the same, then paying for the internet must top the list.

Above that, just think if you are more like a vagabond who keeps often traveling from place to place. Well, the internet must be of high priority to you in that case.

Free Airport WiFi Passwords

Keeping all these things in mind, Anil Polat, a computer security engineer by profession and a travel blogger, started a project. Polat, who seems to have traveled to every country across the globe, started a blog called foxNoMad.

This project is dedicated to frequent travelers, aiming to provide a smarter way of travel. He created an interactive map revealing the wifi passwords of airports around the world.

The WiFox Map From Polat

The WiFox Map From Polat

The WiFox map receives regular updates from Polat based on authentic information provided by travelers. Then, just after landing, you only need to log in to your Facebook or Google to find free wifi, which is further helpful to you.

Next, click on the airport you are in, and it will show you the wifi locations and passwords. Then, in the Map View mode, choose your preferred network icon and simply copy the password to your clipboard.

That sounds easy, right? Moreover, this Map is also available offline, so you are still beautiful if your network doesn’t work. Now the best place to find wifi depends on which airport you are at. Make a wise selection like Starbucks, a popular one, and you are good to go.

Most Common Airport Passwords

Since we are familiar with the process now, let’s check out some of the most common wifi passwords and their locations:

  • Airport Name: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Location: KLM Lounge

Password:  KLMDDMMYY (Type KLM followed by the current date-month-year)

  • Airport Name: Sydney Airport

Location: SkyTeam Lounge Near Gate 24

Password: skyteam2015

  • Airport Name: Stockholm Arland Airport

Location: SAS Lounge

Password: SASHOME

  • Airport Name: Vienna International Airport

Password: No password is required throughout the airport

  • Airport Name: Bellingham International Airport

Location: Scotty Browns

Password: socialize

  • Airport Name: Oakland Airport 4D

Network Name: escape-guest-wifi

Password: escape78

Check Out More

Similarly, you will find all hotspot areas and easily access their passwords. So, explore the internet, book a ride, manage your work, and check for hotels while enjoying your snack.

Now traveling is more comfortable than ever, as you can check out your next moves just after you land, thanks to Anil Polat.

Also, you can check out the WiFox App for Apple iOS and Google Android for easier access. With this app, you can keep track of all Airport wifi networks from your pocket!

From Editor’s Desk

Traveling is a passion for many of us; now, it must be fun, be it a business trip, vacation, or whatever. So as we travel to a new place or country, we must check for the best-staying place, book rides, and more.

And everything gets easy if only we have access to the internet. Therefore, the WiFox Map is of great use for all frequent travelers. However, you must remember to use a VPN when connected to a public network. After all, security cannot be compromised anyways.


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