The Android ecosystem may soon be adopting a Satellite-based Emergency SOS feature similar to that in iPhone 14 Series, as noted by a leaker.

Though there’s no way we can confirm this availability, Google would eventually catch up on this essential feature – since it already did a commendable job from the Apple side. Reports state the feature could arrive in the stable build of Android 14, although it needs phones with suitable hardware to work.

Emergency Communication in Android 14

Though Android is touted to be more resourceful than iOS, it’s always behind in terms of user security and privacy. While it’s catching up gradually, Apple advanced with emergency features to stay ahead in the competition. Its Satellite-based Emergency SOS feature in iPhone 14 Series is a game changer, as it helped many in life-and death-situations.

Thus, Google is making a similar feature for the Android ecosystem too, but there’s no official note on this yet. Although, a leak from the TeamPixel suggests a similar feature is in works – and could arrive in Android 14 one day.

It’s to be noted that TeamPixel is in no way related to the official Pixel team or Google but has a past of reliable leaks for the Android ecosystem. If their words are to be believed, the high-end Pixel and Samsung phones may have a Satellite-based Emergency SOS feature soon that would help people in stranded situations.

To the unknown, Apple’s Emergency SOS works without any cellular signal by connecting to an orbiting satellite to send an emergency message to the pre-set services provider. Huawei added similar support in its Mate 50 and P60 Series, while Samsung is yet to make one.

Well, with TeamPixel’s leak, we may soon see if coming to Android one day. Google is set to debut Pixel 8 Series in October this year, and Android 14 has three months for its final and stable update – leaving a plenty of time to add this support.