Many Android enthusiasts were brainstorming to find a dessert name that starts with the alphabet “Q,”. Therefore this was a sign that a new Android version was about to be released. However, Google decided to abundant the dessert tradition and officially named Android Q as Android 10.

Since the inception of Android, Google decided to name them after dessert for ten years. But it seems they decided to keep things nice and easy by naming Android 10, 11, and so on. However, now it has decided to shift from its old ways.

Why did Google Break its Dessert Tradition?

Android Q is Now Officially Known as Android 10
Android Q is Now Officially Known as Android 10

The company said in a blog post that “we’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community.”

For example, many languages don’t have a distinguishable pronunciation of the Letter “L” and “R.” This makes it confusing on whether Android Lollipop came after KitKat. Other than this many cultures doesn’t consider Android version names like “Pie and Marshmallow,” as a dessert and many don’t recognize them either.

In simple terms, it was fun to name a tech software on Android, but many users couldn’t relate to it. Although the new names are less glamourous, Google believes that it will serve the purpose of making them clear and understandable for its users around the globe.

Google also announced that it would update the official Android logo. They are changing the color of Android text from green to black to make it easier to read. Even the font has been changed, and this new logo comes with a closeup shot of the Android robot with a new shade of green. This is truly stunning as it stamps the fact that even technological giants are welcoming change in order to stand out in a very competitive space.


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