Have you ever thought of using any of the free anonymous message websites? If you’re curious about websites that’ll let you send messages without your real identity. Then you’re surely reading the perfect article where you’ll discover all these options.

We all know the native way of sending messages has always been through SMS texting or instant messaging apps. While this has been an easy and convenient way, there are other means you can use. But what if you want to send messages without revealing your phone number or full identity?

That’s where anonymous message websites come in and are useful for pranking friends. However, there are plenty of these sites, and not all work or offer free services. That’s nothing to worry about because we’ve made a list of free services to send messages anonymously.

Best Free Anonymous Message Websites

There’s just one thing to keep in mind: these anonymous message websites should be used for educational purposes only.

1. Seasms

Sending anonymous messages for free has been made easy thanks to Seasms. This is one of the recommended websites out there and it’ll let you send anonymous messages to anyone.

One of this website’s cool features is its friendly interface and fast sending of messages. Also, it allows sending messages to any number worldwide; the whole process comes with a breeze.

Seasms also supports sending messages to more than one number. If you want to send bulk messages, you can get that done easily in Seasms.

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2. SMS Gang

One recommended website for you when sending anonymously or fake SMS is SMS Gang. Moreover, it is known to be a platform for pranking friends via SMS messages.

Furthermore, the friendly interface of this website makes it easier to send anonymous messages. Like Seasms, you can also send messages to anyone in any country.

In addition to using SMS Gang, the platform offers free SMS when you use freetest as the default pin code. Lastly, you can track all your messages directly from the SMS Gang website.

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3. Send Free SMS

Send Free SMS is one of the best free anonymous message websites because it works internationally if you want to send messages to anyone in another country without revealing your details.

You can get that done without any delays with Send Free SMS. The website has a simple interface and also sends messages without delays.

One downside to using this website is that you can only send 1 free message daily. Besides, there’s a limit when entering your text; you must keep it as short as 160 characters.

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4. Anonymous Text

Another popular website on the list is Anonymous Text; the way this website works is quite simple. You only need a fictional name and number to send messages without revealing your details.

Anonymous Text can only let you send free anonymous messages to numbers in the USA. It’s perfect if you have friends or a lover you want to prank. Another cool feature is that you can set delivery time for your message.

With Anonymous Text, you can send messages to anyone without revealing your identity. It is one of the top-rated websites that works, it is accessible on mobile devices and PCs.

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5. Textem

Like Anonymous Text, Textem is another website that lets you send free anonymous messages. This website supports only network carriers in the USA and allows sending SMS without delays.

This website has many features; it works differently from most websites. Unlike other platforms where you’ll be asked for pin codes, Textem doesn’t need that.

Furthermore, the friendly interface of this website makes it easy to send messages anonymously. Whether you want to send 5 messages in a single day, it got you covered.

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6. Sharpmail

Sharpmail doesn’t entirely offer free services when it comes to sending anonymous messages. That’s because it is an advanced website offering more features than most alternatives.

One of the standout features of this website is that it offers anonymous email and SMS services. Furthermore, it can also let you create disposable emails that can’t be tracked.

Sending anonymous messages while using this website also automatically gives you a fake IP address. While it offers credits, you can still enjoy free anonymous SMS services.

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7. ArmSMS

ArmSMS can be your favorite anonymous message website, not just because it is free. But because it offers different SMS formats, you can send anonymously to anyone.

On the website, you’ll see a section where you can choose the type of SMS you want to send anonymously. Some of the available formats include funny, joke, love friends SMS.

Another standout feature is the encoding methods offered by ArmSMS. You can encode your anonymous messages using Unicode or Latin. This ranks ArmSMS as one of the free websites to send anonymous messages.

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Rounding up the list, SMSTI is another website you can use for sending SMS anonymously. If you’re looking for an easier approach to sending messages to anyone without revealing your details.

SMSTI is your go-to option because the website has a friendly interface. In addition, it allows sending messages without registrations or login requirements.

The platform also uses a very high delivery system to send your messages. Regardless of which number you’re targeting, SMSTI is the perfect website for you to use.

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In conclusion, these are the best free websites to send anonymous messages to anyone. Using these websites makes sending messages to anyone without revealing your details easier. Most times, you can use any of the platforms to prank friends and even make jokes with loved ones.


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