No blind Spots on Apple Car! Spotted by Patently Apple,” Systems for improving side-mirror functionality of a vehicle.” And it can be possible to see all the images onto side mirrors.

When the side mirrors of the car stop to capture what is happening, and then it leads to the creation of Blind spots. Moreover, the area is covered behind the driver, so it is not easy to see everything. It results in the Blind Spots and here is the time when the number of accidents takes place.

Apple would fix car blind spots
Image via Cult of Mac

Plenty of new patents permitted by Apple in each year and here is 61 out of them. The upcoming technology is similar to the Gassler, invented by 14-year old Alaina. The idea behind the Glasser emphasizes on a webcam on the inside of the car at the centre and all the blind spots projected on the webcam.

While Apple’s patent is by all accounts an alike of the idea of showing invisible side film to where the driver cans see it, Apple applied for the patent in 2016 while the development of Glasser was made in 2019.

But all these are useless if Apple Car is not going to be here. And it indicates that the patent can’t be used in this way.


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