Amidst much hype, Google informed the world that a large scale hacking targeting Apple devices was underway. However, Apple has gone on the back-foot. They state they doubt the authenticity of this report. However Google is standing by its research.

Apple took offence with Google’s statement which stated all Apple devices were at risk. The officials maintain that this was never the case and Google exaggerated. Apple is seriously pissed about the part of the report which was left out.

Apple Furious With Google Over Claims of Hacking
Credits – Jimmy Tries World YT

Cupertino thinks that it is due to Google’s business interests in China that made it evoke such mass scale statements concerning the attack being focussed on sporadic platforms only such as Apple. The attack affected only about a dozen websites.

Android affected And Further Chaos

This perspective is supported by Volexity which deals with cyber-security in Washington DC. It published a report in the month gone by which stated that not only Apple’s iOS but also Google’s Android, was targeted. This detail was left out in the Google research report. However, Google maintains that it did not know of this affair. Tim Willis tweeted that Google’s Threat Analysis Group looked at all means but found Apple devices at greater risk.

China Crisis Looms Over Google

Google has a new issue: China. There is no mention of China in the Project Zero’s research. Moreover, it is ambiguous as the researchers said they pinpointed various web addresses which got affected but never knew it was from China. One URL clearly shows that a news site aimed at Uighur readers.

There are also rising concerns about Apple and its actions. If Apple had already got whiff of the situation brewing why hadn’t they taken action on it? The entire fiasco is marred in controversy and this is making situations very tense on all spheres.


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