In order to expose Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10+, Ice Universe popular for leaking insider news found out that the person taking pictures of the model was using the latest iPhone not yet released: Apple’s iPhone 11R.

Apple New Design of iPhone Leaked in the Most Dramatic Way
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The new iPhone’s reflection is seen on the Note 10+ display inside a case and it is stunning. The question of the identity of the mysterious leaker is still in dark. In most cases, it is either some employee from one company or the other.

Features of the new Apple iPhone 11R

The get-up is not pleasing to the eye. Though square camera bulges look well but in this case making it on the iPhone 11R’s dual camera is making it look ugly and preposterous. The new phone though packs in wonderful features however this leak will take away the surprise quotient from the audience when the real launch happen.

The screen size is bigger, better with 120hz promotion display, better resolution, camera upgrade, new USB- C mode and 5G connection for every user.

The price is set to be off the roof for this phone and one is advised to start saving if he wants to pocket this beauty. This leak is surely set to cost Apple the surprise element of capturing the market by storm. It is interesting to note how one reflection can turn out to be a matter of difference for a company.

Though the getup is not so cool, this phone will sell like hotcakes owing to the hype built around iPhones in recent time. And with kickass specifications, it is surely going to capture the market by storm. Apple always comes up with something new each year and this year also they have lived up to the expectations. However, they could improve on the outer look of this piece to make it even more stunning and gorgeous.

The identity of the person in question who clicked the photo is still unknown but this has sent ripples in the world of smartphones and especially Apple fans.


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