Apple might soon launch its own Search Engine to take on Google. According to the latest reports, there are few clues online, like announcing a job for search engineers. A few of the signs suggest that the California-based company is working on its own search engine.

Apple to Launch its Spotlight Search Engine

According to Coywolf, Apple is creating a Spotlight Search bypass to take on Google Search with iOS 14 beta. Regularly, Google is paying Apple for a few years for the remaining default search engine on Safari for iOS, iPad, and macOS. With this, all the Apple users search with Google only whenever they use Safari.

Unless the users change the default search engine, it remains the same. The Applebot, Web crawler, is crawling sites regularly. And the support page of the Apple bot was updated recently.

However, in July, the UK Competition and Markets Authority have raised regulatory concerns. This regulatory concern might force Apple to remove Google as a default search engine. And bring its own search engine to take on Google.

By seeing the job postings, the Apple search engine might become a personal data hub. According to the reports, it can be similar to Google Assistant on Android devices, but it will be private and will not have any ads.

In the search engine, Apple could put ML and AI optimal to use search results based on the user’s emails, files, messages, music, news, photos, movies, and much more. If this rumor is true, then Apple’s new search engine will be a huge challenge to Google search engine.

In a statement, Apple said,

“As these intelligent experiences solve our users’ problems across disciplines, the need for domain experts to understand machine learning grows. This is why the AI/ML residency programme aims to immerse these experts in the ML space.”

The job description by the company says,

“Apple’s on-device machine learning enables intelligent experiences across our integrated hardware, software, and services.”


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