Alongside iOS 17 and Vision Pro, Apple’s other exciting announcement this week is about a new toolkit – that will allow developers to port their games from Windows to macOS easily.

Apple made a website and a bunch of videos dedicated to this conversion, helping developers to switch quickly. Further, the new macOS Sonoma is fine-tuned to support high-end gaming with features like Game Mode.

Porting Windows Games to macOS

For a long time, Apple’s macOS has been touted as the best software for productive work, while Windows is vested with flexibility for gaming. As such opinions grew over time, Apple wanted to better in the other segment – gaming, too.

In this pursuit, the Cupertino-based company is releasing a new toolkit – that will let developers port their Wishes games to macOS easily. Apple discussed this toolkit at this year’s WWDC event, which helps reduce the development time of porting from months to just a few days!

The toolkit provides an emulation environment for the developers to check their existing, unmodified Windows game on the Mac and evaluate how well it could run on macOS before redeveloping it. Interested developers can try this by downloading the toolkit’s beta version on the Apple Developer website.

And to help better, Apple made a dedicated website and a series of videos on this porting process. This aside, tuning the macOS Sonoma for supporting heavy games, where Apple introduced a new Game Mode to prioritize CPU and GPU performance for gaming temporarily.

To those who play games on macOS with their AirPods on, Apple has reduced the audio latency to make your experience better. Gamers with AirPods on during gaming will see reduced input latency, even with popular third-party game controllers, as Apple doubled the Bluetooth sampling rate.