It has not been a good week for Apple at all. It started with the launch of iOS 13, which was nothing short of a mess with security issues, and the updates that followed didn’t help either. Since then, more than a million iPhones have been hacked. Apple was working on redesigning the iPhone to give it a whole new look.

However, the design was leaked just as Apple is trying to lure users to its newly designed model. And the worst is yet to come, as Apple issued a warning that will affect millions of users around the world.

New guidelines for iPhone 11 users!

Apple Will Tell You if Your Repaired Display is Genuine or Not!
Apple Will Tell You if Your Repaired Display is Genuine or Not!

Apple recently published a new support document titled ‘About genuine iPhone displays.’ The document includes new guidelines that need to be followed by iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max users. If they fail to act upon these warnings and don’t reach out to an official Apple certified technician to repair or replace a damaged display. This could have serious financial implications for the users.

Why is Apple concerned with the display?

Apple has always stressed the importance of engineering hardware with support of software. This helps them in providing optimal performance and security. Lately, many iPhone’s displays have been nongenuine, i.e., not repaired by a certified Apple technician. This might cause an issue in performance and compatibility. Many users might even face problems in color, brightness, input, battery drain due to their display.

Hence, for this reason, Apple has rolled out a new update that will tell users if they detect a third-party repair. A warning message will be displayed which reads, “Important Display Message. Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display. Learn more.” This message will be pinned to your lock screen for four days after the repair.


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