Apple recently has unpatched a bug. Yes, you read it right. Apple unpatched a bug in its latest iOS version 12.4 update. This bug was resolved in the previous update but now it is back with the new update. All the up-to-date iPhone models have now fallen prey for the jailbreak. The hackers released new jailbreaks to all the iPhone models now.

Several iPhone users have tweeted about them and so many stated that they are using the jailbreak on their mobiles now. Security researchers spotted this bug on iOS 12.4 version and released a jailbreak for it on public platform GitHub. This is the free as well as first jailbreak that has been released for Apple phone in years.

Jailbreaks for Latest iPhone Models are on Raise

Apple’s Blunder Let Hackers Release Jailbreaks For The Latest iPhone Models
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Apple is very particular about the security and it won’t allow any other apps to run on its phone. Even the customization option on iPhone is not so great. This is the reason why so many people prefer jailbreaking their mobile. This way they will have an option to customize the phone as they like and install any kind of apps.

This compromises the security of mobile phones. The company is yet to respond to this recent event. A Google hacker found this flaw earlier and Apple fixed it with its previous update version iOS 12.3. But the latest updated version has unpatched that bug and now the mobiles are available for jailbreaking.

The exploitation of Apple devices is a big-bucks business and this is the reason why no one releases the jailbreaks publicly. Apple is usually quick to update these kinds of patches. Security researchers are warning people to not install any other app that they find online due to the jailbreaks. Recently Apple has made an announcement for security researchers. Anyone who finds flaws and vulnerabilities in their software will get $1 million.


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