If you are a travel enthusiast and spend most of your time exploring foreign lands, then today’s list is for you. An Altimeter is a special tool to measure the altitudes of specific locations. It’s an essential tool for hikers. Today we will talk about some of the best Altimeter apps for Android and iOS.

However, affording a physical Altimeter might be expensive, so it’s better to rely on smartphone applications. Many such apps will help you to get several geographical details of a place. The apps are free to use and are also accurate.

We have tried to summarize all the best Altimeter apps for Android and iOS. If you are unaware of which Altimeter app to choose, then our list will help you. We have also mentioned the key features to make it easy to differentiate.

Best Altimeter Apps for Android and iPhone

  • GPS Tools
  • Accurate Altimeter
  • Altimeter by EXA Tools
  • Altimeter by Pixel Prose SARL
  • Travel Altimeter & Elevation
  • Barometer and Altimeter 
  • Smart Altimeter
  • My Altitude

1. GPS Tools

It is a multipurpose Altimeter app that will be a complete outdoor companion for you. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and has a lot of functionalities to provide its users. For instance, GPS Tools has an Altimeter, location detector, compass, speedometer, weather forecast, etc.GPS Tools

The best part of the app is that you can use it without an internet connection and with a very low charge on your devices. However, weather forecasts and live maps may not work without the internet. But if your main purpose is to measure altitude, you are good to go.

Download – Android | iOS

2. Accurate Altimeter

Accurate Altimeter

If you want a robust Altimeter tool for your device, then Accurate Altimeter will be a perfect choice for you. An accurate Altimeter gives you an accurate measure of your current altitude from sea level. Most smartphone users use the tool, and you can rely on it too.

The app has a clean user interface and works fine without an internet connection. It will also help you to check the air pressure with its barometer feature. There is a share option using which you can share your altitude details with your friends.

Download – Android

3. Altimeter by EXA Tools

This is another great Altimeter for Android devices. One can use an Altimeter by EXA Tools to measure elevation, altitude, and height and track GPS location. The app relies on your phone’s sensors to keep track of all measurements.Altimeter by EXA Tools

Altimeter by EXA Tools has an easy-to-use interface and great battery optimization. The results are presented in an easy-to-digest format with latitudinal and longitudinal details. All over, it is a great app for travel freaks. 

Download – Android 

4. Altimeter by Pixel Prose SARL

Altimeter by Pixel Prose SARL is a compact Altimeter software with many fantastic features to offer its users. Its features include a barometer, GPS tracker, weather forecast, etc. Moreover, you can also check the water boiling point concerning your altitude.Altimeter by Pixel Prose SARL

Altimeter by Pixel Prose SARL shows you your current altitude and, at the same time, gives information regarding the height of a certain location.

All the tracking works with the help of your phone’s sensors. So, as long as your device’s sensors are up to date, you don’t have to worry about its accuracy. 

Download – Android

5. Travel Altimeter & Elevation

Our next inclusion is an Altimeter app that uses web search results to give you accurate altitude information. You can access the surface elevation above sea level, latitudinal and longitudinal details, etc.

Travel Altimeter & Elevation will be best for those who don’t have the latest smartphone or whose device’s sensors are not much functional.Travel Altimeter & Elevation

A follow mode in Travel Altimeter & Elevation tracks your movement and keeps updating you with your live location and altitude. You will also get weather updates as per your geolocation. However, you must remember to keep your device’s internet on. 

Download – iOS

6. Barometer and Altimeter 

If you want a lightweight app to get information about your current altitude and air pressure, then Barometer and Altimeter will help you. The app has a compact sizer and straightforward interface that does exactly what you want.Barometer and Altimeter 

Barometer and Altimeter use smartphone sensors and advanced algorithms to give accurate details. As a result, you don’t have to have an internet connection whenever you want to know about your altitudinal details.

Download – Android

7. Smart Altimeter

Smart Altimeter - GPS Altitude

Smart Altimeter will be your perfect companion if you frequently visit hill stations and like to trek a lot. The best part of the app is that it can be used without an internet connection. So, if you are dwelling where accessing the internet is not easy, then Smart Altimeter will help you.

There are different modes of GPS tracking in the app, for example, satellite mode and hybrid mode. You can also use the smart compass and weather update features in it. The app displays altitudinal details in your preferred units, i.e., meters and feet.

Download – Android

8. My Altitude

It is a unique app that uses your smartphone signals to determine your altitudinal details. My Altitude is trusted by users for its accurate measurements. Besides altitude, you can also check location, atmospheric pressure, etc., using it. My Altitude

A unique feature of the app is that you can take pictures using it and save them, and all your photos will have details of altitude, atmospheric pressure, and elevation in it. You can use the app without an internet connection, but the features will only be limited to the Altimeter.

Download – iOS


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