Are you a travel enthusiast who likes to take up wild adventures by dwelling in unknown places? If yes, you must use traditional compasses for a long time to navigate the location and find the correct direction. But did you know that you can use several compass apps for Android to get precise directions?

Since the introduction of smartphones, life has not been the same as it has integrated the whole and placed in our hands. Now, there are applications for every purpose available on the internet. And the compass app is one of a kind. These valuable apps have taken over traditional magnetic compasses for several reasons.

An Android compass app shows you directions and gives other relevant information about a location. Moreover, as it uses the advanced sensors of your smartphone, the results are accurate. So, if you want to know about some of the best compass apps for Android devices, our list will help you.

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List of Best Compass Apps For Android

1. Compass Steel

It is a Smart Compass app that will help you to get precise and accurate directions. The tool uses your phone’s accelerator, gyroscope, and magnetometer to deliver results. So, look out for these sensors before installing the app.

Compass Steel shows you direction and related information like current location, altitude, slope angle, etc. However, it uses a magnetometer, so the results can be induced by magnetic fields nearby, like batteries or other electronic devices. Otherwise, it is an excellent option.


2. Compass

Compass will do your work if you want a straightforward compass app just to determine direction. The best part of the app is its interface, which features a plane digital compass. It doesn’t require unnecessary permission, so you can start using it immediately after installation.

This Android app’s file size is small, so it doesn’t take up much of your device’s memory. There is also an auto-calibration option that automatically calibrates the device with the compass. Overall, the app is worth consideration.


3. Compass Galaxy

This is an exact Compass app for Android devices on which you can depend for outdoor activities. The developers have tried to keep the app simple by including only its basic features.

However, you can also get information about latitude and longitude from Compass Galaxy. The compass uses your phone’s gyroscope and GPS to show you directions. So you must check if these options are available on your device.


4. Smart Compass

Our following inclusion is a popular compass app for Android that offers several features to its users. Smart Compass can be used as a speedometer, metal detector, and even to detect magnetic fields around you. So it becomes a perfect company for your outdoor expedition.

The app uses your phone’s gyroscope and GPS sensors to give accurate and precise directions. The app has many features, and the user interface remains clean. This makes Smart Compass one of the favorite options on our list.


5. Digital Compass

Another Compass app for Android that you can trust is Digital Compass. The application developers claim it to be one of the best in class, so we tested it, and now we can say they are very much right.

Digital Compass shows you direction corrected to azimuth or degree. The app’s key point is that it never collects personal data or asks for unwanted permissions to temper your experience. This makes it a stand-out option on our list.


6. Compass (Altimeter, Sunrise, Sunset)

It is an easy-to-use Compass app that provides useful information about the user’s current position. For instance, you can know about direction, altitude, and even sunrise and sunset timings with Compass(Altimeter, Sunrise, Sunset); your device must have a magnetometer to get the best results.

Another thing that most users will like is the fixed heading that makes it easy to calibrate. There are several themes and skins that you can apply to the app to break the monotony. In addition, you will not face any commercials while using the application.


7. Compass Steel 3D

Compass Steel 3D is a cool compass app designed like a commercial marine compass. The application’s 3D interface makes it look unique. Moreover, the user interface has several clean and sophisticated themes and colors.

Users will find two norths, broadly classified into true north and magnetic north. The app doesn’t collect data or show unwanted ads to ruin your experience. However, it does offer some in-app purchases.


8. GPS Tools- Navigate and Explore

This is a feature-loaded Compass app for Android devices. GPS Tools—Navigate and Explore includes a speedometer, altimeter, compass direction, GPS, etc. The app’s key feature is its battery optimization to ensure you don’t drain your phone’s battery while using it.

The app is a perfect tool for hiking, camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities. GPS Tools—Navigate and Explore offers several customizable themes to personalize the interface.



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