We can do anything from our smartphones nowadays. Be it making online payments for your bills or measuring things. Yes, you heard it right. We can use our phones to measure different objects in our day-to-day life. There are many apps available for Android and iPhone by which you get to know how much weight an object has. Now you can turn your phone into a precision digital scale.

It sounds unrealistic when we heard about digital scale apps, but we realized these work after downloading and checking some Digi scale apps. Below, we share some of the best digital scale apps you can use to measure weight by placing objects on the top of your phone & tablet.

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List of Best Digital Scale Apps for Android & iPhone (iOS)

All the scales on this list can help you measure small things in grams. Do not put heavy items on your phone screen; otherwise, it will damage your smartphone. These applications will give you an approximate idea about the weight. Always use a Napkin or paper on your screen before measuring weight.

1. 3 Grams Free Digital Scales App & Weight Converter

3 Grams Free Digital Scales

Looking for the best free digital scale grams app? Then this is the app that you need to download. This app is free, but it contains ads to remove by buying the premium version.

This application is available on Android and Windows phones. The best thing about this app is that you can use your phone’s camera to weigh larger objects accurately. You can view/show easily & weight readings and convert them into other units.

Download for Android

2. Weight Scale Estimator

IQ Weight Scale Estimator

This app gives you an estimated weight by using your phone/tablet. It estimates weight between 10-500g / 0.22- 1.102 lb / 0.4- 17.64 oz. You can weigh liquids, spices, or cooking food using this app. If you are afraid of scratches on your phone, you can protect your screen with a paper towel.

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3. Truck Scale Calculator

Truck Scale Calculator

This app is designed to assist truck drivers in analyzing the weight of their axles. It is designed for rigs, which are either 3 axles set or 4 axles set. You can also scale readings from either a short or long platform scale. The weight that exceeds predefined limits shows in red color, making it easy to understand the weight.

Download for iOS

4. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale

If you don’t like apps that occupy huge space, the best app for you with a download size is a few kb—offered by SxSoft. This app will provide you to measure the weight of ingredients like salt, sugar,  gold, silver, and all types of spices.

First, you have to set up the weight and fill the white circle on display with the object you want to measure. The circle size will change according to the object’s size, making it an exciting application.

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5. Scale in Grams Simulator Joke

Scale in Grams Simulator Joke

This app is offered by VizzyGames and is a convenient portable Joke scale simulator for android. This app is different from other weighing apps because it features a Bluetooth digital scale connection.

If you want to look cool in front of your friends, then you can tell them that your phone can detect weight on the screen. It can measure a weight of up to 999 grams. Always use a napkin or sheet on the screen to prevent the display.

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6. Precision Digital Scale

Precision Digital Scale

It’s a high-quality free digital scale app for Android. Place anything on top of your phone or tablet screen and measure the weight using this fabulous scale application. You will get an approximate idea about the weight. However, one of the drawbacks of this app is calibration isn’t set up.

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7. Kitchen Scale Simulator Pro

Kitchen Scale Simulator Pro

This app helps you while cooking because you can measure almost every food item in your kitchen through this app. It is super easy and convenient. You have to place the food item on the screen, and the weight will be displayed. This app works smoothly on all android devices. It’s perfect for measuring the weight of small things in grams.

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8. Gold Density

Gold Density

This app is designed for weighing gold. It has some professional questions you need to answer to get proper results. Using the density method of this app, you will get a good weight of gold. You will get an idea of how much you will get if you decide to sell or buy your gold. You can also convert the weight of gold into ounces and vice versa.

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9. Digital Scale Simulator Adfree

Digital Scale Simulator Adfree

Many users have often complained about the ads appearing in-between measurements, which is annoying. But this app resolves the issue by providing a free scale app without ads. This app lets you weigh kg, oz, g, and lb.

You can measure fruits and vegetables by simply putting in on the screen of your phone. It is one of the trusted and widely used scaling applications available in the market—millions of people use it daily.

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10. OKOK·International

OKOK·InternationalAre you interested in keeping track of your weight? OKOK International is the best option. To monitor various health indicators, users can connect the app to a Bluetooth scale: weight, water, and muscle. After launching the app, you’ll need to enable specific permissions and create an Account.

You can enter your target weight and weight data in the first section. The app will calculate the amount of fat, muscle, and BMI. You can also view the history.

The app also offers many recommendations to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as eating, exercise, and sleep tips. We have to admit, however, that there are some complaints about the app’s ads and frequent crashes.

Download for Android

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