Apple Carplay is a helpful feature for all call owners having iPhones. This feature is similar to Android Auto, which is available on Android devices. With Apple CarPlay, you can use your phone’s app on your car screen.

Apple CarPlay can use apps like music player, maps, and even attend calls on your car screen. There are a plethora of apps supporting Apple CarPlay on the App Store. We have listed some of the best apps for Apple CarPlay that you can install on your device.

Best CarPlay Apps for iPhone in 2023

Are you searching for the best CarPlay Apps for iPhone? Below are some of the best CarPlay apps you can install on your iPhone.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps We are starting our list with Google Maps. This navigation app allows you to navigate the route in real time. You can check the routes from your location to the destination, check the traffic on the way, and know how long it will take to reach the location. This is one of the best apps if you transit daily. 

Not only this, but this app can help you discover nearby places, such as nearby ATMs, gas stations, and restaurants. For instance, if you are new to a place and want to know the address of a particular location, then you can realize it with Google Maps. You can also check for a review of the place before you visit it. 

2. Spotify

SpotifyThis is the first preference that comes to our mind when suggesting a music app. You can install this app if you are a music lover and want to stream music with CarPlay. You can search for the music on this app and play them. 

Also, you can play customized playlists created by others as per your mood. Not only this, but you can also search for music from a particular movie or particular singer. You can also listen to podcasts on this app on Apple CarPlay. 

3. Audible 

AudibleThis app is for you if you are more of an audiobook and podcast type person. You can install this app to listen to audiobooks while traveling rather than music. In addition, you can listen to podcasts and books on the go with Audible. 

There are various books and novels from different authors on this app. Be it a fictional book, non-fictional book, novel, autobiography, or any other, you will find all the books on this app. 

4. Zoom

Zoom Agreed to Pay $85 Million For Settling the Class-Action LawsuitAnother app that you can have for Apple CarPlay on your iPhone is Zoom. This video conferencing app can be used if you attend video calls on the go. With Zoom, you can hear calls directly from your car. 

You can chat on this app, make calls, and have a whiteboard to save ideas. You can also use Siri commands to join meetings through this app on CarPlay. 

5. Telegram

TelegramYou can also install Telegram on your iPhone if you are looking for the best app for CarPlay. Telegram is a popular social media app where you can add friends and send them messages. In addition, you can send private messages and talk t your friends. 

The best part about using this app on CarPlay is that you can ask Siri to tell you what messages you have got and reply to them as well. You can also voice call and video call your friends on Telegram. 

6. SpotHero

SpotHeroIf you need help getting a parking spot every time you drive, this app is for you. SpotHero lets you find a parking lot anywhere you are. However, this app has one limitation: it works only for the US (some significant locations in the US).

Be it cinema halls, restaurants, hotels, colleges, or any other place; you can find parking spots nearby. You can enter the location manually and book a parking spot in advance. 

7. Dunkin

DunkinIf you want to book food while driving, you can use Dunkin. This app lets you easily order food from your favorite Dunkin Donuts outlet.

You can see the menu of the outlets on your car’s dashboard and directly order food from it. You can get the food delivered or book a table from the app. 

8. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn RadioYou can install this app if you listen to the radio and want to do it while driving a car. This app lets you listen to the radio in your car with Apple CarPlay. In addition, this app enables you to listen to sports updates, news, and music. 

There are more than 100,000 radio stations that you can stream through this app. In addition, you can stream networks like CNN, FOX News Radio, BBC, etc. 

9. Apple Podcasts

Apple PodcastsThis is the default podcast app for Apple devices. Apple Podcasts is one of the best apps to listen to podcasts through Apple CarPlay while you are driving the car. However, you need an Apple Podcast subscription to stream podcasts on it. 

You need not manually navigate through the interface to listen to podcasts. Instead, you can ask Siri to play podcasts while driving the car. 

10. PlugShare

PlugShareNo one wants to run out of battery on their car, so charging your car everywhere you go is safe. But how to find the charging locations? You can use PlugShare to search for charging locations near you. 

This app lets you check the charging stations directly from your car’s dashboard. Not only this, but this app can also help you with payment after you are done charging your car. 

Final Words

Above are some useful Apple CarPlay apps you can install on your iPhone. You will find this app helpful on your daily commute in your car. 


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