Listening to a good discussion about a particular topic on an iPhone podcast app is always a great idea. However, with the numerous options available, we have compiled a list of the best podcast apps for iPhone.

Podcasts have become an excellent medium for learning something new. Some of us prefer podcasts to keep ourselves up to date. Even it is a great source of entertainment as well.

However, the number of podcasters, listener, and marketers are increasing rapidly. More than 78 percent of the US population has aware of podcasts significantly. Today, across the globe, there are more than 464 million podcast listeners.

Best Podcast Apps for iPhone in 2023

These are the best podcast apps for iPhone that you utilize your time more efficiently. So without any hesitation, let’s start.

1. Spotify

Spotify is a dynamic app that offers a wide range of music worldwide, including podcasts. It has a dedicated section for podcast content. The best part of the Spotify podcast is that it recommends podcasts where you live.

Not to mention, Spotify is always appreciated for its great user interface and experience. Currently, more than 32 million use Spotify to consume podcasts alone. However, you will get various podcasts to give your time proper value.

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2. Apple Podcast

There is a lot to like about Apple Podcasts. For one desperately stuck in the Apple ecosystem across other Apple devices, Apple Podcasts can be a good use of it alongside its rich podcast list.

The app can grab more than 28 million users respectively. However, you may find out several categories to enjoy podcasts. On top of that, the app allows you allow to save podcasts offline in the premium version.

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3. Audible

AudibleWhat stands for Audible from the rest of the apps that its extensive list of podcasts and audiobooks in many categories. If you are not pleased with other podcast apps, chances are high that you haven’t used Audible till now.

However, Audible is the subsidiary product of tech giant Amazon. Aside from this, the app is a perfect place for book lovers too. Furthermore, it also provides a download option to listen further.

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4. Overcast

OvercastUndeniably Overcast is one of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad. The app is highly regarded by tech journalists, including us, for its remarkable podcast services. Moreover, it’s an award-winning, and editor’s choice app, so you can count on it.

Feature-wise, Overcast has made it into a simple concept with an intuitive design, the app stands alone for its uniqueness. Anything else, you will have all the required features, such as sleep times, brilliant speed, and voice boost.

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5. Castro

CastroFrom Tiny Podcast Company, Castro is a podcast app you can use on your iPhone. In addition, the app lets you play podcasts in the car alongside the iPhone. Another impressive feature of the app is chapter support.

However, the drag-and-drop podcast queue feature can be a time saver. Its skip intro is also a handy feature. As a bonus, the app also allows sideloading audio files.

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6. CastBox

CastBoxWith over 95 million audio content, CastBox has a bold claim to be on the list. Although, all audio content diversifies from audiobooks, FM radio, white noise/fan noise, guided meditation, including podcasts.

CastBox helps search for a podcast using its powerful search engine. Moreover, the app has tons of other features. Above all, an impressive podcast app for iOS users.

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7. Stitcher

StitcherYet another great podcast app by Podcast Player. Stitcher is widely regarded as a podcast app. But along with the podcast, the app also features shows NPR, Wondery, WNYC, the New York Times, Exactly Right, and more.

Hence, you will get all the much-needed podcast organizing features. Searching, filtering, and sorting a podcast are just moments in the app. You also have the intelligent speaker integration feature.

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8. Google Podcast

Google PodcastIf you are looking for a free podcast that works on an iPhone, what could be more promising than Google Podcast? Well, it was trendy among Android users in earlier days. However, after launching the iOS app, Google Podcast significantly impacts iOS users too.

In the app, you can listen to podcasts about comedy, news, history, business, TV & film, education, health & fitness, technology, arts, sports, and more. Moreover, you can subscribe to your favorite podcasters. Hence, it has all the customization features.

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9. DeezerDeezer

Deezer, with millions of users, is an online music and podcast streaming app for those who eagerly find music and podcast. The app is quite similar to Spotify. You can use the app for free but must consider some ads.

In Deezer, along with individual podcast creators, you also get popular TED, BBC, Netflix, CNN, and more shows. Moreover, the app lets you download content offline in the premium version.

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10. PodbeanPodbean

If you are looking for a podcast-creating app, look no further than Podbean. It helps us create, edit, record, draft, and publish our podcasts. Even you can listen to podcasts from its extensive podcast library.

However, it provides the best podcast listening experience and customizable options. Furthermore, you can use the download feature. Above all, Podbean is a reliable podcast app that you should consider.

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Final Words

And that’s about it! So, whether you are willing to listen to a podcast for the first time or already have a listening habit, these are the best podcast apps for iPhone. Well, which one suits you most? Let us know in the comment section.


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