Whether it’s football, basketball, badminton, or kickboxing, every sport has become widely popular across countries. Some people worship football, while cricket is considered a religion in other parts of the world.

A decade ago, TV was the mainstream media for watching sports. With the evolution of time, many other ways have come out to save time and reduce costs. Live streaming app is such innovation that helps us to stay up to date from anywhere.

There are many pros to having a handy sports streaming app. It contains numerous sports channels across the globe where you can watch live sports seamlessly. Even you can watch highlights according to your choices.

However, if you are looking for live streaming apps for Android that work perfectly fine, we have you covered here. Go through our curated list; you will the exact app that telecasts your favorite sports.

Best Live Sports Streaming Apps for Android

Over time many companies have become involved in sports and made dedicated apps for sports. But we can trust them blindly because some of them are working well, and other has loaded with the problem in their server and many other issues.

According to a report, many apps inject malware and other disturbing objects that could be bad for you and your device. Thus, we have developed the best free live sports streaming app lists for Android.

1. Sports TV

sports tv

Let’s start with this humble Android app where you can watch multiple sports channels peacefully. With Sports TV, you will get many channels for sports such as football, basketball, baseball, golf, and more.

It supports a multi-screen service that allows you to watch your favorite sports event on other devices. Moreover, you can customize your result feed with your favorite sports and teams. Well, it also supports high-quality video.



DAZN is one of the popular sports streaming apps that millions of people use for sports thirst. The app covers all popular sports events around the world. So you can tune any sports at any time as per your choice.

However, DAZN is not a free app, but for the first month, you can watch it for free. Moreover, it also featured various sports events from Germany, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada. Most importantly, DAZN is safe to use without hesitation.

3. FuboTV


With 5 million downloads installed alone in Play Store, FuboTV has amazing features to be part of this list. On FuboTV, you can watch NFL, NBA, MLS soccer, FIFA World Cup qualifiers, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and many more.

Surprisingly, it has more than 110 live TV channels; FOX, ESPN, CBS SportsNBA TV, MLB Network, MLB Network Strike Zone, and Zona Futbol are popular. Besides, you can also movies using the app.



ESPNESPN is one of the largest sports networks. You can watch live sports, premium sports, and other exclusive sports content. In addition, ESPN provides on-demand news, highlight, and expert analysis.

However, ESPN has legal authorization to provide all content, so you don’t need to worry about it. In exchange for a few bucks, you can cover every sports event from any corner of the world. Thankfully, ESPN has a very user-friendly user interface and experience.

5. YouTube TV


After being released in 2017, YouTube TV became the major source for cord-cutters to live streaming. All thanks to its friendly user interface and an impressive selection of channels. YouTube TV has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store.

So far, YouTube TV has featured 100 live TV channels, 60 from the United States, including all popular sports channels. Fortunately, six different people can use YouTube TV on an account.

6. Hulu


Hulu is not designed for sports, and it’s a platform for movies, TV shows, web series, and on-demand video content. But a big portion belongs to sports channels. So either you can watch football or basket, everything is there.

Other than that, you can also get a chance to watch regional sports as well. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with ads a lot. However, Hulu has done a nice job on its user experience.

7. Dofu


If you are looking for free sports live streaming apps for Android, then Dofu is the app you should know about. The app lets you watch various sports such as NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NHL, and MLB. You can also watch live football matches too.

Apart from this, the app provides live scores and scorecards. You can also get pointable, match schedules, and other stats. Moreover, all its content comes in 720 and 1080 pixels, providing an excellent mobile experience.

8. Live Net TV

Live Net TVLive Net TV is one of the best sources to watch sports online without paying a single buck. The app hosts over 700 live TV channels for movies, TV shows, songs, news, and sports. You have to sort out all the sports channels.

However, you will find all sorts of sports channels here, whether the sporting event occurs in Europe, North America, or Australia. The negative about the app is that the app sometimes doesn’t work.


YIP TV has a combination of 100 live TV channels, and you will have sports channels to watch all the biggest sporting events in the world. Just like Hulu TV, you have to find out all sports channels.

You can also get sports highlights from all popular sports channels. However, YIP TV works on the freemium model, so you justify using it for a few days. On-demand videos are also accessible.

10. Now TV

now tv

Now TV is another considerable live sports streaming app for Android. Since the app is owned by Sky network, you will all have premium Sky sports on the app. So watching any sports event from anywhere becomes easy.

Even you can watch Sky network-authorized movies. What’s more? Well, Now TV provides a 14-day free trial. However, Now TV works in UK, Italy, and Ireland.

Final Words

That’s it – this is the best live sports app for Android that you make use of. Most apps come with many sports channels to choose from. However, free apps won’t work seamlessly. But all apps are well known for what it does. So which app are you going to use? Let me know in the comment section.


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