Best NFL Streaming Sites
Best NFL Streaming Sites

The NFL is one of America’s most popular sports. Not only that but many individuals from all around the globe love watching American football games. There are so many platforms (online or through cable subscription) for NFL Live Streaming that allow anybody to watch NFL games. It may be Free or Paid According to What you Want to Watch.

So whether you want to watch live NFL games or previous matches of your favorite teams, you may do so by utilizing any NFL streaming platforms that are accessible online. You can also look into cable subscription possibilities in your region.

To watch NFL games online in your browser, We have compiled a list of the best NFL Streaming Sites that help you avoid regional blackouts.

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List of Best Free NFL Live Streaming Sites in 2022

Here are the Best Websites for Streaming and Watching NFL Matches Live on Your Web and Enjoying Football Games.

1. NFL Game Pass

NFL Game PassOne of the most dependable sources for NFL live streaming is NFL Game Pass. Yes, It is the exclusive media company of NFL Enterprises LLC, and it allows you to watch Football games with high-quality video. Despite this, we consider it one of the top free NFL streaming sites due to its one-year free trial.

However, if you want NFL live streaming and downloading capabilities, you may get the Essential or Pro Plans. Although the site imposes certain geographical limitations on visitors outside the United States, China, and Canada, you may avoid these limits by utilizing a good VPN service.


  • NFL Game Pass allows you to watch NFL games on all operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • You can also watch NFL live games on your Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 4, and LG Smart TV.
  • It enables you to view old NFL games from any season in HD streaming.

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2. NFL WebCast

NFL WebCastIf you want a completely free NFL live streaming service with high video quality capabilities, NFL WebCast should be one of your first options. We advise our readers to watch NFL games since it does not need registration or credit card information.

It links visitors to major official NFL streaming channels such as CBS, WatchESPN, Fox Sports, etc. Without requiring you to subscribe to any plan or meet any registration requirements.


  • NFL live streaming is completely free and safe.
  • It does not display any irrelevant commercials or popup advertisements.
  • You can watch all NFL playoffs, preseason games, and even the Super Bowl in high definition.
  • All Smart TV, mobile, and PC devices are compatible.

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3. WatchESPN

WatchESPNHopefully, most of you are familiar with this well-known sports television business. ESPN, with the motto “serving sports fans anytime, everywhere,” is also doing an excellent job of satisfying its National Football League followers. Yes, NFL fans may watch NFL live streaming on its official website.


  • It provides a 7-day free trial to new customers.
  • Subscriptions are highly affordable, with just $4.99 per month required to access all types of live streaming and past matches.
  • All NFL games, news articles, and live commentary are easily accessible.

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4. NBC Sports

NBC SportsNBC Sports is yet another great free NFL live streaming service that enables viewers to watch high-quality NFL game streaming. So yes, you may manage to watch your favorite National Football League games with only a registration.


  • All features, including live streaming, clips, and replays, are available with the gold membership.
  • It works with a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

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5. FuboTV

fuboTVFuboTV may potentially be a reliable source for NFL live streaming that does not need you to link the site or app to your cable. So yes, NFL feeds are available here through the internet. Signing up, on the other hand, is required.


  • With a 7-day free trial, you may watch more than 100 channels and assess video quality before subscribing to any plan.
  • With the cloud DVR function, you can record the most recent games and watch NFL matchups.
  • You may also access a range of entertainment programs through NFL live streaming channels. Or, to put it another way, it might be a full bundle for the family.

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6. 123TV

123TV123TV is a service that offers a variety of streaming channels that are available for free online. You won’t have to worry about these stream sources being removed from the internet since they’ll be accessible to you through peer-to-peer streaming services.

You may receive the greatest stream quality-adjusted to your current internet speed since it utilizes peer-to-peer technology.


  • It offers a variety of entertainment streaming from different TV networks.
  • It also offers free NFL live feeds online from networks that are only accessible in the United States.
  • The peer-to-peer network provides the best stream quality.
  • You can also watch NFL (American Football) and other sports networks online.
  • Use this website to view live streaming news, TV shows, sporting events, and other kinds of broadcasting.

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