Managing finance effectively is not a simple task for anyone. It is always super important to know about your funds and spending. Even you have to save and invest systematically for financial stability.

Apps like MoneyLion make things easier for us to manage our finances, prevent debt at the right time, and even do various other things. But MoneyLion is very expensive for its membership service.

That’s why many of us want a cost-effective application to replace MoneyLion. And we research the best apps like MoneyLion for Android and iOS that can help you to get advance payment, save, invest, and manage money carefully.

Best Apps Like MoneyLion for Android and iOS

If MoneyLion is not good for you, as it is quite expensive. Here is the list of the best alternative of MoneyLion for Android and iOS.

1. Dave

dave download

Dave is the first application on our list that is very similar to MoneyLion app. Depending on various things, Dave will give you up to $500 instantly when you start. Dave is available for you if you have to pay overdraft fees.

One of the best things I love about the idea is zero interest in credit checks and late fees. Even Dave reward feature will allow us to earn exclusive cashback.

Moreover, Dave can help you find part-time jobs in their dashboard, where you can do a side hustle and make money. Overall, Dave is a very good application to use. Thanks to its neat and clean user interface.

Download for Android | iOS

2. PayActiv

pay active

You will get paid before your salary day. Sounds quite interesting. Yes, it is possible with PayActive to get early salary access to spend on needs and wants.

PayActive provides many useful features, such as sending money via phone numbers, instant money availability, and low-balance alerts. In addition, PayActive is integrated with Visa cards; you only need to create an account to get its exclusive services.

Download for Android | iOS

3. Brigit

brigit download

With over 3 million users, Brigit is a very popular and one of the best alternative applications for MoneyLion. Needless to say, you will get $250 anytime you want to claim. It will be very good to start building credits.

Besides the $250 cash advance, you will notify the next overdraft fee. Brigit does not charge a single penny for late fees. In addition, you can check your credit score using Brigit. Brigit claims that its users have saved more than $300 million.

Download for Android | iOS

4. Chime

chime mobile bank alternative of moneylion

Chime is another popular and top-rated application in this genre and a worthy competitor of MoneyLion. A Chime user can apply for overdraft fees up to $250, which works only on a Chime debit card. But it has no hidden charges.

Chime does not charge monthly maintenance, foreign transaction, or zero balance fees. It will provide fee-free transactions on 60K+ ATM transactions in Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS, and more. Even you can send money to others using Chime without transfer charges.

Download for Android | iOS

5. Fundbox

get fundbox

Are you looking for funds? Then Fundbox is all you need, and funds are available at your fingertips. Fundbox claims that the credit is just a moment of matter. All you need to do is to download the application and apply for credit. If the credit get approves, you will get the credit.

Fundbox is very fast in providing funds; you will get your approved funds as soon as possible in business days. Even Fundbox allows us to repay automatically if you forget in any case.

Download for Android | iOS

6. Even


Do you want to early access 50% of your paycheck? Then Even the app is available for you. It not only gives you early access to your paycheck but also helps you to save your money systematically. You can set a custom percentage of savings.

Along with these notable features, you can also manage your budget. This application is very good for detecting your monthly access and providing instruction on what’s ok to spend.

Download for Android | iOS

7. Branch


If you are looking for a perfect alternative to MoneyLion, there is nothing like Branch. The branch app can allow instant access to your wags, mileage reimbursements, or more.

Branch has several useful features, such as save, send, and spend. You can use its zero-free banking facilities. You don’t need to worry about ATM fees, overdraft charges, or hidden banking charges. The branch can be integrated with Google Pay and Apple Pay for contactless money transfers.

Download for Android | iOS

8. Albert


Another considerable banking and financial application are very similar to MoneyLion. Albert is more like an all-in-one application. Using Albert, you can get early access to your paycheck.

Even you can claim up to $250 advance cash from your next paycheck. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about late fees and interest. Along with that, you can save and invest money smartly by taking the help of their expertise. This feature-rich application also provides physical and virtual debit cards.

Download for Android | iOS

9. Float me

float me

Float Me is another financial management application that can help you manage your hard-earned money, pay bills, prevent overdrafts, and so on. Early access to the paycheck feature is also available in Float me.

You must sign up with your bank account to use its comprehensive financial and banking features. Float me supports 10000+ top qualified banking institutions such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Navy Federal Credit Union, and USAA.

Download for Android | iOS

Final Words

All of these financial applications are incredibly easy to understand and use. Most importantly, they are cost-effective and excellent alternatives to MoneyLion. Let me know which one you are willing to use.


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