Cleaning your Android smartphone now and then is a maintenance task you should do regularly. Mostly, the large files build up over time and you don’t use them. These files end up filling up a lot of your storage. It is a challenging task and to do that; you need some of the best apps to find large files on Andoird

Mostly, the cleaner apps find the large files on your smartphone and clean them. However, the market is full of spam cleaner apps that are just bad. So we have taken the responsibility to find you the best apps to find large files on Android. Here is the list: 

Best Apps to Find Large Files on Android

1. Files by Google 

You do not have to look far away to get the best apps to find large files on Android. Files by Google is one of the best file manager apps on the Play Store. And that is not it! The app has high capabilities to detect junk files and large files on your phone. 

Now the app works in the background to detect the temporary files and all the other files you have not opened in a while. This app can find junk files, duplicate photos, and temporary files. Then you get the choice to delete these files.     

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2. Droid Optimizer

As the name pretty much gives it away, Droid Optimizer is the app made to optimize your phone by cleaning junk from it. It is one of the best cleaning apps available, with over a million downloads.

The app follows a ranking system that motivates you to keep your device in good health. To clean up the phone, you just have to tap on the cleaning icon and it will find all the large files on your smartphone. Then you can delete the files as per your liking.  

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3. Astro File Manager

Next up on the list is Astro File Manager and this app will provide you with all the necessary features to find large files on Android. It checks all the boxes while keeping the app simple and minimal. 

You have a Home tab that shows the internal storage and its use. The storage is divided into categories. You can easily find all the large files you don’t need and delete them. 

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4. SD Maid

SD Maid is one of the best apps to find large files on Android. It is a go-to cleaning app for a lot of users. The reason why SD Maid is good is that it purely focuses on cleaning junk files on your smartphone. 

There are no clever gimmicks on this app and you can easily enhance the overall health of your smartphone with this app. Sometimes a lot of leftover files from uninstalled apps can cause storage issues. Well, not with this one, as it can seamlessly clean them. 

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5. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer will be a great choice if you are looking for an app with a decent privacy policy and an ad-free experience. The cleaner tool of the app has the ability to find out large files, duplicate photos, temporary files, etc. And effectively delete them. 

Besides that, it is also a great file manager with many great features and an intuitive UI. Although the app is paid, it is still worth every penny. 

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6. All-in-One Toolbox

Here is something you might not know: Not cleaning your phone periodically can also negatively affect your smartphone’s battery health. Well, the All-in-One Toolbox can take care of all the issues.

This tool can find all the big files on your smartphone. Then you can also clean all of the temporary files on your device. All you have to do is make a simple tap and the app will analyze the entire status of the device. Make sure to try it out. 

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7. Mi File Manager

So if you are looking for a reliable file manager from a popular platform, then Mi File manager is up there. It is from a Xiaomi and is now available for all Android phones. So it doesn’t matter if you have a Xiaomi smartphone or not; you can still use it. 

The design of the app is super clean and it also has an easy-to-use interface. However, not to be carried away with the UI alone. The app can easily find large files; all you have to do is go to the cleaner tab and there, you will find the option to clean large files. 

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8. CCleaner 

You might know CCleaner from PCs, a popular disk cleaning software. Although it is not good for Windows anymore, the Android app is still great. The bottom line is that it is better than most other spam apps you might find on the Play Store. 

Now, this is a multifunctional app with many cool features and the cleaner option will allow you to find large files on your device. It is totally up to you whether you want to keep those files. It is not totally great but still better than a lot of other apps. 

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