Amazon’s Cloud Computing System AWS is undoubtedly one of the best platforms. It offers fast, reliable, and cost-effective cloud web hostings. In addition, its extraordinary network connectivity, intuitive interface, and the latest technologies make things go much more fluent and easy.

Besides, you can deploy various web applications by leveraging their powerful hardware and software combinations.

Although AWS, being a hosting giant, comes with a few downfalls that might create serious trouble for the users. Firstly, getting started with AWS might be difficult as it features some complex configurations.

On the other hand, they set default limits on the resource and hardware that often vary depending on your region. So here, we have listed a few AWS alternatives that might help you escape such complications and provide a handier, much more reliable platform.

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List of Best AWS Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

1. DigitalOcean


DigitalOcean is among the top leading companies that offer the most reliable servers. In addition, it comes with a wide range of support and features that make it counts as one of the best AWS alternatives.

The primary reason people like their service so much is that they come with a very easy-to-use interface.

It is effortless to choose a plan and set up your account. You can also extend your plans later if needed. Moreover, it is spread over 12 global centers and has already served more than 1 million developers.

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2. Kamatera


Kamatera is one of the best competitors to AWS at present. This cloud server tool comes with an intuitive interface, and it is fast and highly cost-effective.

Its number one priority is to offer the best customer support. Therefore, they make great use of the latest technologies to provide the fastest cloud service, which is 300% faster than the previous generation.

It features an SSD storage infrastructure along with seamless scale-out and scale-up options.

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3. Vultr


Vultr has scattered over 15 different data centers and is well-known for providing an incredible user experience. The control panel is fast and responsive and beginner-friendly as well.

Initially, you can start with their basic plan and upgrade the resources as you grow. After that, scaling up with Vultr is really easy, and with their pre-built cloud packages, everything can be done effortlessly.

Besides, its one-click app installing feature and full root server access gives you ultimate control.

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4. Linode


Linode is one of the largest cloud service providers currently available in around 196 countries. It offers great performance, and with its Linux virtual machines and global infrastructure, you can bring your resources to further effectiveness.

It even features on-demand GPUs that help you with machine learning, video processing, etc. Moreover, Linode has simple paid plans that are generally affordable and 24/7 human support.

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5. DreamHost


DreamHost is another trustable alternative to AWS. It has the best technical 24/7 email support and has the option for live chat.

It offers cost-effective plans, full root access, and complete control over the installations.

In a nutshell, DreamHost is simply a powerhouse of various hosting services that offer comparatively lower plans than other hosting companies like SiteGround or GoDaddy.

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6. Rackspace


Rackspace is another simple yet effective cloud computing tool that stands as a great competitor to AWS. It provides a few essential services, such as cloud servers, cloud backups, web-app hostings, databases, etc.

One of its notable things is Rackspace helps you reach your goals and prepares you for the worst scenarios.

Apart from that, it lets you simultaneously run a combination of SSDs and HDDs to make your work much faster.

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7. CloudSigma


CloudSigma features a robust UI and high-quality performance that is highly satisfying.

The tool comes with powerful resources such as the 10GigE Networking, SSDs, and a dedicated platform that offers high rate data transmission.

Also, its hardware can handle loads of data at a single finally it. Finally, it has been in the service for around 8+ years and lays a pretty straightforward way of operating the tool. In short, CloudSigma can be a great replacement for AWS.

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8. LiquidWeb


Finally, we have the LiquidWeb, which again features on-demand cloud dedicated servers. In addition, they offer managed hostings with 100% scalability and no sharing.

It gives you the freedom to manage and operate multiple sites from a single account. Also, things get much easier as it doesn’t even demand you to have any specific skills for working on with the cPanel.

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AWS is famous for its stunning performance and all-time customer support. It has a great hold over robust cloud technologies, lightning-fast servers, and of course, a variety of services.

However, for a beginner or one with no previous experience, AWS gets complicated. Hence, you can instead switch to these best AWS alternatives.

They will provide similar exposure, easy accessibility and skyrocket your business.


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