Microsoft Azure is a big name in the field of cloud services. With many features, attractive cost optimizations, and the title Microsoft, it is worth people’s trust. Azure has its servers scattered all over the world.

Moreover, it comes pretty inexpensively if one moves with its basic plans. On the other hand, it is flexible, reliable, supports multiple programming languages and advanced technologies like AI, Machine learning, IoT, etc.

However, after covering many features and facilities under a single roof, it still has many issues. Firstly, Microsoft has agreed to the US Patriot Act, making people feel like their data is no more private and is being manipulated and shared with the US government.

Plus, there are reports that even though Azure provides vast features, users do not get reliable support from the service provider. If you end up encountering some crashes or bugs, you will be left on your own. These things make users look for a better alternative discussed in the list below.

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List of Best Alternatives To Microsoft Azure in 2022

1. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean brings one of the best platforms where developers can work remotely from all over the world. It offers seamless deployment and scalability. Setting up permission is easy. Hence, team members can effortlessly gain access to required fields in no time.

Besides, it comes with an intuitive interface and provides a reliable platform, predictable pricing, a world-class service along with full security and compliance.

Moreover, its entire cloud service is based on solid-state drives that guarantee to deliver a faster service. DigitalOcean is specially designed for the developers and built for business.

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2. CloudSigma


Cloud Sigma is another cloud computing service that provides a variety of services like hosting and service providers, Big Data, Pass/Sass, etc. Its greatest priority is to provide its users with the best security and privacy.

It instantly deploys your resources under 30 seconds and also offers the best cloud provisioning. In addition, it features all 10GigE networking, SSD, and Magnetic storage.

Apart from that, Cloud Sigma offers a bunch of free resources. For instance, anyone willing to spend $10 per month gets 1GB RAM, 50Gb SSD, and 5TB outbound data transfer.

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3. Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is definitely one of the largest cloud computing services out there. It is a secured, and resizable cloud compute capacity that gives you the freedom of launching applications with no advanced commitments.

On top of that, you get to choose your OS, memory configuration, boot partition size, CPU, etc. This Elastic Compute Cloud is specially designed to make web-scale cloud computing for developers easier than ever.

Other than all this, EC2 comes with the widest range of instances and practices the best ever technologies to offer a more reliable service.

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4. Kahu


This one is from LightCrest that helps boost the experience of your cloud journey. As a Microsoft Azure alternative, Kahu delivers high standard performance at the lowest rate possible.

They provide multiple managed services, data services, and professional services that include AWS migration and well-architected review. On the other hand, it comes with a lot of resources such as AWS Cloud, remote DBA, cost optimization, BlueBin case study, and many more.

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5. CloudVPS


Last but not least, Cloud VPS is well known for its flexibility and scalability. In fact, it is the number one cloud service provider in the Netherlands. They basically focus on two important platforms i.e., the TransIP VPS platform and OpenStack platform.

The TransIP platform ensures its reliability and ease of access, while OpenStack gives you an enormous amount of flexibility. Besides, they also offer free auto backups, automatic API, and robust servers with pure SSDs.

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So, these were some better alternatives to Azure that will help you start a journey to the cloud. They come with much better support compared to Microsoft Azure and guaranteed performance. Let us know which one you think is the best choice for you.


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