Social media apps are gaining more and more popularity these days, and so are the fun trends involving images and memes. Nowadays, there’s a new trend of swapping bodies, changing gender, changing age, and making other edits to the photos you upload on social media apps. A body swap app is all you need to make such edits to your photos and videos and also create memes of your photos. 

Body swap apps need minimal editing skills and take just a few minutes. These apps have various editing tools, such as filters, smoothening, details, makeup, etc., to completely revamp your look. The best apps only need a few clicks to complete the body swap process. Not only the body or face, but one can swap clothes and backgrounds using this app.

If you can’t wait to create funny memes and body-swapped edits of your photos to be shared on social media, then it is time to try these apps. In this article, we will list some of the best body swap apps for Android and iOS that you can try. 

Best Body Swap Apps for Android and iOS

Body Swap apps change your face and other body parts to make you look like a completely different person. A good body swap app can make your edits look more realistic.

If you are searching for the best body swap apps for Android and iPhone iOS, then you can refer to the list given below- 

1. Reface

This is a sophisticated app that uses AI to edit photos. This application can detect faces, clothes, movements, etc, easily. With editing tools on this app, you can easily swap your face and other body parts with other people. 

You can edit your face with funny face filters. Not only can you edit your photos, but you can make GIF memes using this app. The app allows you to swap your gender on your photos easily. 

Download for Android and iOS

2. Face Swap Booth

This app lets you swap the facial features of your photo with another. There is no limit to the endless edits you can make to the pics. You can save the looks you create as customized presets for later use.

The amazing thing about this application is that it lets you switch not only complete faces and bodies but also different specific features for free. You can switch lips, eyes, noses, face shapes, etc. You can change the skin tone too. 

Download for Android and iOS

3. FaceMagic

This app has been a mega success in photo editing and video memes. This is a lightweight app that syncs beautifully with almost all social media apps. The library contains several movies, web series, new clips, etc, as templates for some great face-swapping fun.

This app uses AI-powered deep fake face-swapping technology efficiently. It has good performance speed and can churn out multiple files quickly. Through this app, you can swap your face with multiple characters. 

Download for Android and iOS

4. FaceJoy

Now, put your face in any image using this creative, AI-powered software – create mimics and memes from videos and GIFs. This application has a collection of retro pics and lib presets. One can find familiar Marvel heroes, 50s actors, and actresses and swap faces with them. 

All you have to do is capture a selfie and FaceJoy will do its magic by swapping your face with the face of a celebrity. Not only can you swap faces, but you can also change your clothes, posture, and hairstyle. 

Download for Android and iOS

5. FaceLab

This app specializes in creating detailed face-swapped selfies and gender-swapped pictures. It includes many tools for changing hair color, skin color, and texture, among other things. You can also directly apply gender changes to any picture on your device.

FaceLab allows users to cut areas of a picture and impose them on the other. One new feature added to this application is the age swap, so you can make yourself look older if you want to. 

Download for Android and iOS

6. Banuba

This uses filters to give selfies and portraits any visual effect the user wants. It has over 1000 filters, many of which are dedicated to changing the face, facial features, age, etc of the picture. The software also comes with a built-in video maker and makeup retouching tool. 

This application has three tools dedicated to face swapping – an AI-based generic face-swapping tool, an AI-based general swapping tool, and a gender-swapping filter. This application is often used by users who want advanced control of how their photos look on social media. 

Download for Android and iOS

7. Jiggy

This application is great for users who want a retro effect on their face-swapping results. Jiggy is a video maker that crops heads and bodies and places them on someone else. This application is one of the best tools for creative GIF creation on the internet. 

Jiggy allows you to edit your photos to make you look like a hero of some action movie, a dancer, a superhero, etc. You can directly share these photos on social media with your friends. 

Download for iOS

8. PortraitAI

This may not be the most professional tool, but it is fun. The app has a built-in stock of famous personalities, old paintings, movie characters, etc, to edit your photos. Users can merge different photos of personalities with their own. 

PortraitAI is mostly used for its watercolor and oil paint filters. You can also apply life filters and capture your face-swapped picture. This app is great for creating online avatars and user profiles.

Download for Android and iOS

9. Cupace

This is only available for Android users, but it is worth the hype. This app can effortlessly add gender and face swap filters on group photos. It has a beautiful library of backgrounds and special effects to add spice to a boring photo.

You manually select the faces and bodies you want to swap. With this app, it is super easy to create detailed collages, face merges, and other similar effects. 

Download for Android

10. Face Story App

This app can create hyper-realistic body-swapped images and videos. Face Story App users AI to give special effects to your selfies. You can add effects like face aging, gender swap, and a cartoon character to your photos. 

You can see who your celebrity look-alike is. Not only this, but you can also generate the face of your future baby with this app. This application only works on videos, short clips, and GIFs. One can export new creations with a single tap on the screen and share them with friends. 

Download for iOS


Body Swap apps let you swap certain body parts, like your face, with someone else’s. These apps are made for fun and pranking friends by swapping your own body or theirs with some celebrity, cartoon, or anyone else. If you are looking for the best body swap apps for Android and iOS, we have listed the best ones online.  


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