Nowadays, everyone wants to be fit enough to carry out all their task actively. There are different fitness goals. Some want to lose weight, and some want to gain weight. As per different motives, some joined the gym and started working at home to achieve their fitness goal. But working out in the gym or home will not help you achieve your goal.

Diet plans, different exercises, and proper intake plans are needed to achieve fitness goals. Unfortunately, no trainer will always be available to help you with all these exercises, adequate meal plans, and check out everything.

Here we researched and found some of the best bodybuilding apps from Reddit, Quora, and some other sites, which will act as a trainer and help you in fitness with the proper plan.

Best Free Bodybuilding Apps You Should Use in 2023



The app provides various features that will help you train and monitor your fitness. For example, you get many workout videos here to train your body. Along with it, the app will help you to correct your body posture during a workout.

You can create your workout plan in the app as it provides an inbuilt notebook. You will get various workout programs here to achieve your fitness goal, like Bodybuilding, Weight loss, etc.

Download Jefit

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Nike owns the app, as we all know; Nike is the favorite brand of athletes because it offers all sports products. Here the app is doing the same as Nike by providing various training programs to users.

The best part is selecting an intermediate level, like a beginner or intermediate. Then, after selecting your intermediate level, you can work out according to that.

Download Nike Training club

3. Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight

Now, this app provides all your workout plans at home. This app is for those people who can’t afford a gym or don’t have time for the gym. You will get various workout plans and exercises here, which you can do at home.

There is no need for any machine to do the workouts. Different workout plans exist for various Bodybuilding, ABS, and back programs.

Download Freeletics

4. BodySpace


Now, this is a multipurpose app for fitness lovers. Even it is considered the best app by the fitness community forum. It is different from all others as, along with workout plans, it provides necessary supplements and proteins.

You can buy here proteins and supplements according to your workout plan. Along with this, you can prepare your daily schedule here to follow.

Download BodySpace

5. FitNotes


The user interface of this app is straightforward for better user interaction. This app will take your stats, i.e., height, weight, and workout according to that, which is the best part. You can select different exercises and can save them to your schedule. You can even customize your workout plan here and can follow that.

Download Fitnotes

6. Pro Gym Workout

Pro Gym Workout

As the name suggests, Pro Gym Workout app contains all exercises to take you from beginner to expert. You will get everybody part workout here: leg, shoulders, back, chest. You can save all videos offline and watch them anytime without any internet connection. The best feature is getting monthly plans, like a 3-month workout plan.

Download Pro Gym Workout

7. Strong: Exercise Gym Log

Strong: Exercise Gym Log

In this app, you can customize a workout plan if three sets of bench presses with ten reps are given. You can change it to 4 sets according to your ability. You will get the warmup calculator here, telling you the rest time after exercise. You can even customize that.

Download Strong

8. StrongLifts 5*5

StrongLifts 5*5

As the name suggests, Stronglift, the app is purely based on increasing your strength. Therefore, it provides those exercises whose primary focus is to increase strength. In addition, it will get various features like a timer calendar to track your progress day by day.

Download StrongLifts

9. PowerLifter: Wendler Log

PowerLifter: Wendler Log

The app is designed for bodybuilders for their intense workouts. You will get only a weight lifting program here, concentrating on Bodybuilding. The unique feature of this app is a graph, which will represent your weekly progress.

You can also customize your workouts to your suitability. You will also get a calculator here, which will tell you all the time, like a workout, or rest time.

Download Wendler Log

10. AtletIQ: Personal Trainer & Gym Workout Routines


AtlertIQ has a unique approach to creating custom training programs to help you achieve your goal faster and more efficiently. Anyone can easily create a free account and then enter their necessary data.

After that, you can select a preferred training program and start training hard. The programs are divided into beginners, advanced, and professional. So it has got everything you need to meet your fitness criteria.

Download AtletIQ

11. Fitness Trainer FitProSport

Fitness Trainer FitProSport

If you’re serious about Bodybuilding, this is a great app. The app doesn’t ask for personal data and offers more than 150 exercises. So you will never run out of activities or exercises.

It even shows each exercise’s description and animation so you don’t go wrong and hurt yourself. You can add or customize your workout plan as you wish. It even has a calendar of workouts to keep you up with your routine. You can save a completed exercise or a different exercise in the log. All the data can also sync with the cloud.

Download Fitness Trainer FitProSport

12. Fitness Point

Fitness Point

Fitness is also an excellent bodybuilding app for android users. You can easily set up a personal training program for the gym or at home. There are a plethora of exercises to choose from. In addition, there are many pre-made programs that you can use.

Fitness Point has many plans for training. You can also enter your target sets and reps. Professional trainers also create workout plans, but you need to buy that via in-app purchases.

Download Fitness Point

13. Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & Bodybuilding

A group of professionals develops fitness & Bodybuilding to offer a complete bodybuilding guide. This app lists all the exercises that effectively hit every muscle. Hence, their ultimate goal is to help you achieve great results within a brief period.

Moreover, it even contains the perfect images illustrating each exercise deeply, along with a text description. You can also create customized workout plans, use the built-in timer, and keep track of the built-in Calendar.

Download Fitness & Bodybuilding

14. 10 Fitness

10 Fitness

10 Fitness will surely amaze you with their exhilarating service at a modest price. The app demands a charge of just $10 per month and offers everything you might need. 10 Fitness takes care of your everyday routine and helps you meet your goals. Above all, it lets you take on multiple global challenges and encourages you throughout your journey.

This app stands beside you like any professional coach helping you with every step. Plus, you can sync third-party apps and fitness devices with the app to further effective workouts.

Download 10 Fitness


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