Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the world. It takes a tremendous amount of stamina, strength, and motivation. If you have all these elements and don’t know how to start without a trainer. Then this article is for you. Here we have listed the Best Boxing Training Apps for Android and iPhone to help you start.

Boxing training also gives us a healthy life and good shape, apart from competitive matches. Without paying a boxing trainer, you can easily sharpen your boxing skills at home with mobile apps.

Even you can learn the best warm-up process, punching guide, footstep, and many more through mobile apps. Check out our free boxing training apps to punch the heavy bag home.

Best Boxing Training Apps for Android and iOS

Nowadays, everything is available in the form of apps. But finding the best ones always bring headache. But we have researched for you and you are ready to go with these boxing training apps for Android and iPhones.

1. Boxx


Boxx is one of the top boxing training apps for iPhone users. It has many high-quality training videos that improve help your fighting and boxing skills. Professional boxing trainers from the UK created all training videos.

Apart from boxing training videos, you can also stream boxing cardio training, yoga, and strength training. Even if you want to lose weight, boost confidence, get fitter, and increase energy, then Boxx has a dedicated slot.

However, Boxx is not free at all. To get access to all of its training, you must purchase a subscription.

Download for iOS

2. PunchLab

download punchlab

Are you looking for a boxing training app that is involved with UFC fighters? PunchLab is the only app that is used by many UFC boxers.

Using PunchLab, you can learn how to punch in bunches without a single tool, whereas PunchLab believes our body is the most important tool. It has offered different workout videos to excel in the overall fighting skill. The app is very handy for showing your progress in a statistical graphic.

Download for Android | iOS

3. Nike Training Club

nike training club download

As the name suggests, Nike Training Club is one of the best training apps in this genre offered by the World’s biggest sports brand Nike. The application is more than a mere boxing training app.

Nike Training Club has loaded boxing training, strength training, MMA, and kickboxing content. So you can start learning boxing from today. Even you can start from any level. It also provides proper guidance on diet and rest.

Download for Android | iOS

4. Shadow Boxing

shadow boxing training app

Shadow Boxing is another handy boxing training app for iPhones and iPad. With Shadow boxing, you can start boxing workouts at home.

The app will help you create workout and boxing training plans. You have to be ready with the punching bag. You can count every step you take as a workout on the app. Hence, the app has mirror mode.

Download for iOS

5. Dodge Boxing

dodge boxing

Do you want to track your workout progress? Then the Dodge boxing is for you. First of all, Dodge Boxing has not loaded with boxing session content. But you can take advantage of its available resources for sure.

It can help you to increase your workout capability, reflection, and resistance. The special timer feature has the ability to count your workouts and repetition.

Download for Android



Well-known sports brand PUMA is presenting the PUMATRAC to improve your boxing gameplay. It has free boxing training videos that will help your overall fighting performance.

You can set your daily and monthly goals for a consistent workout journey using the app. If you want to take your fitness to a different level, you can use its 3000+ minutes of unique workout content.

Download for Android | iOS

7. Home Boxing Training Workout

home boxing training workout

Since you can learn proper boxing punch at home with Home Boxing Training Workout, you don’t need a personal coach. If you have a punching bag, you are free to go with the app.

However, the app has 5 different boxing modes where you can explore many boxing hacks. The app can create the same atmosphere as the professional hall have. Overall, it will be a great pickup if you want to learn boxing at home.

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8. Kickboxing Fitness Training

kickboxing fitness trainer

Kickboxing is another boxing and fitness training app that deserve a respective spot on our list. However, the app is generally designed for fitness.

Using the app, you can lose weight effectively with its kickboxing training. Moreover, the Kickboxing fitness training app has more than 60 kickboxing exercises. As a bonus, the application is free-to-use.

Download for Android

9. Boxing Training and Workout

boxing traning and workout app

Since you promised that you wouldn’t get a professional coach, we are presenting Boxing Training and Workout app that can impact your training to live performance.

The app is very suitable for those who have done the basic part in any combat field; they can excel to an advanced level. It also provides boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and K1 training.

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10. Punch Fit


Punch Fit is another considerable boxing training app for Android users. You can improve punches and fitness and lose weight using the app.

It can also help you with punch combinations and creating your own punch combinations. It also included HIIT training inside the app to push yourself harder.

Download for Android

Final Words

All these are the best boxing training apps for Android and iOS users. Some of them are paid, and some others are free. So what are you waiting for? Start your boxing journey with training apps.


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