What can be a better way to spend your free time than playing browser idle games? Unlike other games, you don’t need to get involved in the complete gameplay and storyline. These are not only fun to play but have basic graphics to make them interactive.  

You can play these games by just using your mouse, while your keyboard will be barely used. Also, these games do not require top-of-the-line specs to run on the browser. 

These games were very popular when browsers supported Adobe Flash player, but since support for it has not ended, it can be difficult to find such games. But that does not mean there aren’t any available online. Here is a list of the best browser idle games that you should try playing. 

Best Browser Idle Games to Play on Browser

Looking for some meaningless games to play? Here is a list of the best browser idle games that you should try playing- 

1. Cookie Clicker

The game is all about cookies and is a never-ending browser idle game. You see a giant cookie on the browser window, and clicking on it generates more cookies. The more you click, the more cookies you generate.

You can then use these cookies to get in-game upgrades. Different types of upgrades generate some cookies per second, and these upgrades generate cookies automatically, so you will have more cookies in the game if you leave and come back later.

2. NG Space Company

This game is recommended for every sci-fi lover out there who wants to explore space for once at least. The game starts with bare minimum resources like wood, metal, and gems, and that’s all to survive and build throughout the game.

In the beginning, you have very few resources, so you will have to be careful how you spend them. If you go right, you can build more and more with all the resources; otherwise, you will be stranded in the middle of the game. 

3. Doge Miner

Have you heard the meme line ‘Doge to the moon?’ Well, if you are a meme lover like me, you might have heard this. This game is also about memes and crypto combined. In it, you hire Shiba Inus to look for coins in the rocks he mines.

It might become difficult to mine the rocks alone, so you can get pickaxes and even hire new miners to work with you. You can also get the right upgrades, like the moon base, which will give you more coins in the game.

4. Room Clicker

Sitting in the room all day doing nothing is fun, isn’t it? Well, that’s what you will be doing in this game. You are left in a room with some furniture and items and you have to click on them. With each click, you will generate some dollars. 

You can later use these dollars to purchase more items and even upgrade existing ones. The more you upgrade, the more you will earn overtime. Also, there’s a calendar that shows the number of days that have passed in the game world. 

5. Trimps

It can be hard to survive alone with limited resources, and that’s what this game is all about. You have to stay alive with the bare minimum resources you have. You will have to balance your resources to avoid dying. Gather more resources, build things, and get more food.

You will have to keep working to keep up throughout the game. Each resource has a maximum limit, and you cannot go beyond that. Moreover, your resources will deplete when you start playing, so you will have to ensure they are not completely exhausted.

6. Melvor Idle

If you are looking for idle clicker games with a medieval fantasy theme, then you should for sure try Melvor. In this game, you will have to upgrade your character’s abilities and then battle monsters.

Throughout the game, you will need to acquire new skills to defeat the monsters. You will do this by completing the tasks and chores given. To complete the game, you must obtain all the potions, foods, and weapons and eliminate all the monsters in your path.

7. Universal Paperclips

Searching for a minded-based game to play on your browser? Go for Universal Paperclips. One may find the game simple in the beginning, but believe me, it’s a lot more than that.

You will have to make paper clips and then set their price. But do note that everything should be done strategically. Adjusting the price will control the supply and demand, and with increased demand, you will earn more money.

8. Pizza Clicker

Well, this game sounds delicious by its name. In this game, you bake a pizza by clicking on the pizza base. You can then sell the pizza you bake to get more upgrades for a better pizza. 

It’s a simple game but yet fun to play. You bake, you sell, and you unlock more upgrades and that’s all about the game. 

9. Idle Breakout

This game is all about breaking boxes or squares. You will have to clear the board of all the boxes by clicking on each box. You will get some amount for clearing the boxes, but that will depend on the number of boxes you clear and the total time it takes to clear them. 

Clearing the boxes will earn you dollars, which you can use to purchase bouncing balls. These bouncing balls will clear more blocks, and you will earn more money. 

10. Nested

This is kind of a weird game to play, but yes good enough to pass your free time. When you open the game first, you will see a single word ‘Universe.’ But as you click on the word it will open up several galaxies. 

As you click on words from the list, new words are unlocked. Keep on going to unlock new words, and this will be a never-ending run. 

Bottom Line

The Internet is full of cool stuff, and you can find many different ways to pass your time. One of the best ways to do this is by playing browser idle games. If you have been searching for the best browser idle games, then the above list mentions the best one. 


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