If you are a developer specializing in making web browsers and apps, then this is an essential guide. Testing is a vital part of developing an app, so selecting the right platform for testing is necessary.

BrowserStack is one of the best cross-platform browser and app testing tools available in the market. Its key highlight is that it does not use simulators and emulators. Instead, it uses real devices for testing. 

Because of that, real machines are used to visit your website or app on various live browsers. So, you get to see how your web app performs on different devices and browsers. 

However, many users dislike BrowserStack because it performs slowly and has paid plans. So, it is a good idea to know about a few BrowserStack alternatives. 

In this guide, you will find the best BrowserStack alternatives that you can use right now.

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Best BrowserStack Alternatives

1. LambdaTest

LambdaTestIf the only reason you are not using BrowserStack is paid plans, then LambdaTest might be the best for you as it is a free cross-platform browser and app testing tool. Although there might be fewer features in the free plan, the testing tool is still great.

The tool offers six real-time browser testing sessions per month in the free plan and these testing sessions are limited to just 10 minutes each. 

Overall, you get 60 minutes of testing time for a month. If you want more features, you can get the paid pack to conduct extensive testing. You can run live and automated tests on more than 2,000 browser types simultaneously.

Also, you can set up automated screenshot testing on many devices to see how screenshots look on all those devices. 

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2. TestCafe Studio

TestCafe StudioTestCafe has to be one of the best BrowserStack alternatives available. The tool has both a free, open-source version and a premium version. The open-source version is free, of course, but it does not have a Visual Recorder. For those who don’t know about Visual Recorder, the feature allows you to run tests without writing codes. 

And without Visual Recorder, it is a bit complex to use the free version. So it is suggested that you use the premium version of this tool as it has more options to run extensive tests and powerful features. 

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3. Browserling

BrowserlingIf you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use cross-platform browser and app testing tool, Browserling is the correct choice.

One of the best things about Browserling is that you do not need to sign up and create an account to use it. Also, it has a free plan but minimal features, the one being that you can only test on Windows 7 rigs. 

And then, the free version can only test Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 1-90 and Canary, Firefox 3-88 and nightly, Safari 4, 5.0.5, and 5.1. The session on the free plans is around 3 minutes long. So you can try them out. 

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4. Datadog

DatadogIf you are not a big fan of coding but still like developing apps and stuff, then Datadog is the testing tool you need. It is an automated browser testing solution and you can run automated browser tests without writing any codes. 

Then, it has a visual web recorder, using which you can record the tests and all the actions you take. If you are looking for automation, Datadog is the right platform for it, and it is also a decent browserstack alternative.

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5. SmartBear CrossBrowser Testing 

SmartBear CrossBrowser Testing Next on the list is the SmartBear CrossBrowser Testing platform. This tool is quite powerful as it allows you to run live tests on more than 2,000 browser combinations. All you have to pick is the device, browser, and resolution. 

As you might know, mobile testing is important. This tool allows you to conduct mobile tests in both regular mode and portrait mode.

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6. Applitools

ApplitoolsIf you are looking for a free and powerful testing tool, Applitools should be on your list. It has visual AI and is about 50 times faster than any other cross-platform testing tool. Also, the free plan is more than enough to conduct all the necessary tests. 

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7. Ranorex Studio

Ranorex StudioIf mobile testing is your main priority, then Ranorex Studio is the platform you should use for cross-platform testing.

It allows you to run tests on a wide range of browsers and supports all the major browsers, emulators, simulators, Android and iOS devices. The paid plan might look a bit expensive, but you have to consider all the features you get, and it is also one-time payable. 

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8. Sauce Labs

Sauce LabsSauce Labs is one of the best BrowserStack alternatives. It offers extensive browser and device options for testing. The best part is that it supports desktop and mobile devices, as well as emulators and simulators for iOS and Android. So, if you are looking for extensive testing, this is the tool you need. 

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