Daily planning is the secret weapon of successful people. They plan their day to be more organized and get the most out of their day. These people use different calendars for both business and family to prevent them from overcommitting their time. Now, why do you need calendars?

You can’t keep a check on everything happening in your life with a busy schedule. Without calendars, it’ll be difficult to keep track of the simplest things like birthdays. Integration of calendars and google calendar app for android solves this uncertainty problem.

A good calendar app for android can do wonders for your productivity. You can get reminders just when you need them, so you never forget a thing. The best android calendar widget gives you the quickest access to the different calendar views and adds new events without any problems.

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List of Best Calendar Apps for Android

While Picking out the best calendar application, the thing we look for most is simplicity. And the apps like Simple Calendar and Any. fulfill this purpose and are considered the simple calendar app for android.

There are many more alternatives that help you organize your life and accomplish more. If you want to be successful and productive and need help to remember important events in your life, we can help you with the best free calendar apps.

1. Any.do Tasks and Calendar

Any.do Tasks and CalendarFor those looking for a really simple list manager, then Any.do Tasks and Calendar is the best application. Any.do really focus on two core parts: tasks and calendar. It’s got a good user base, and they obviously have a premium experience. You get a notification each morning reminding you to plan your day with any does. Tap it to arrange your tasks one by one.

You can choose to do it today; for each task, reschedule it for later, mark it done, or delete it if the task is no longer relevant. You can set a specific time at which you want to receive the notification.


2. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Calendar Widget by Home AgendaHome agenda creates amazing apps for android. If you are looking for an android widget app for your android, we highly recommend home agenda. The calendar widget for android is just like any other widget app for android. Schedule your priorities with Calendar Widget to make the most of your day.

Start by adding your to-do’s list to Calendar Widget. Connect your calendar to get a full overview of your schedule. It syncs perfectly across all your devices. Create lists and share them with anyone. Get reminders just when you need them, so you never forget a thing.


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3. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal Calendar AgendaPowerful, Intuitive, and Beautiful is how DigiCAL can be described precisely. You get multiple calendar views, customizable widgets, and weather forecasts with DigiCal. Through DigiCal, you can choose from 6 powerful lock screen widgets (list agenda, day, day list, day grid, month and month calendar widgets).

It has an interactive lock screen widget which means you can easily scroll through your appointments without unlocking your device. In the day list widget, see all your events lined up in a sleek and simple overview. Easily customize your widgets’ look by choosing from up to 9 widget themes. There’s a little bit of lag, which is a drawback.


4. Simple Calendar Pro

Simple Calendar ProIntroducing simple calendar pro, a minimalistic, ad-free, open-source calendar app to help you get organized. The intuitive app design offers you daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar views and allows you to add an event at the click of a button.

You can even add reminders to your events or view a list of all your upcoming engagements to plan your schedule better. Store your events locally to ensure more privacy or use CalDAV to share them across multiple devices or even with multiple people.


5. CalenGoo

CalenGooFree as the well premium version is available for this amazing calendar app. It doesn’t have many amazing features, but it fulfills a calendar app’s basic functions. It has flawless synchronization with Google, which is even more customizable. This feature makes it easier for you to sync all your past and future events with Google Calendar in a few clicks. Overall it is one of the better calendar applications out there.


6. aCalendar

aCalendarA lot of android users praise this application. It gives an agenda list and also sends you texts and email reminders for all of your upcoming events if you choose to do so. There’s a couple of options to add a new event to the application. You have to long-press on the day to add an event, bringing up a screen to select the start time.

You can add all your friends’ birthdays in birthday view, which will remind you when their birthday comes up. A very simple calendar application that you can use for your daily use to enhance your productivity.


 7. Calendar Notify

Calendar NotifyWith the help of Calendar Notify, you can, at a glance, access your agenda, roster, and meetings. You can also get Ultimate control to customize and style with the system editor. Add your own style by adjusting the layout, color, size, padding, and more. Settings that allow you to adjust every aspect of your agenda. Know what’s next, get more done, never forget anything with full customization.


8. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft OutlookBest known for emails, Microsoft Outlook can also do other things such as calendaring. The Calendar option automatically updates and can be customized so you can stay on top of your busy day.

Not only can you see your schedule, but You can also check the agenda view of the calendar so you can quickly see what’s coming up for today and what do you have for the remainder of the week. With multiple functionalities of Microsoft outlook, it is mainly used for business purposes.



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