Certain gaming genres will never be out of fashion; one is farming games. The reason why people love farming games is that they provide easy fun and entertainment. People like to sit back and lay out a farming strategy in these games. 

Since it is a popular genre, there are games of every intensity. You can find each type, from casual farming games for entertainment to dedicated farm simulators that simulate the daily real-life challenges that farmers face. 

While video and immersive quotient can differ, most games have the same premise: players are supposed to sell livestock, harvest crops, and care for the farm. We list some of the best farming games for Android and iOS. If you like farming, you can explore all the fantastic games on the list. 

Best Farming Games for Android and iOS

1. Township


Township has to be one of the most popular farm games ever. It has good graphics, which is generally not true with many farming games. Developers have carefully designed the characters in the game as they add a fun and positive element. As a user, you get complete autonomy to create your city.

One of the best things about the game is that your small farm will grow and eventually become a town as you progress. So, if that is what you are into, there is a vast scope for progress. 

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2. FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2

When it comes to farm games, FarmVille has a reputation as one of the finest-designed farm games. Its successor is FarmVille 2, which is even better than FarmVille in many aspects.

The successor has more options for the players to customize their farm. With this game, players have better opportunities to explore the farm and set their desired structure: windmills, stables, storage sheds, gardens, etc. 

With many options for adventures, missions, and challenges to earn rewards, it is one of the best farm games for mobile right now. Then, there are animals that you can raise and trade. Overall, it is an exciting game. 

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3. Hay Day

Hay DayThis game debuted in 2012, and the developers still provide frequent updates to keep it exciting. In this farm game, you can do all the regular activities like planting crops and trading goods with people to progress.

The game also lets players innovate as they can grow new plants and animals on their farms. The developers add diamonds and decoration material every holiday to make everything exciting. So this is a solid game that you can play.

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4. Blocky Farm

Blocky FarmBlocky Farm is one of the best farming games for people who like voxel-style games. It will instantly remind you of Minecraft. You can do all the fun farm activities, including fishing, tending to pet animals, and expanding your farm. There are also some epic farming competitions that you can enjoy. 

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5. Big Little Farmer

Big Little Farmer Offline GameNext up on the list is Big Little Farmer, a freemium farm game that is very exciting and fun to play. It allows you to uncover ground, plant crops, raise animals, and collect their milk and eggs.

You can sell all of this stuff to get coins and earn more. To progress to new levels, you will have to harvest more.

The gameplay is simple and easy so you will enjoy it thoroughly. It resembles FarmVille in gameplay, but that is not a deal breaker. 

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6. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Big Farm: Mobile HarvestBig Farm: Mobile Harvest will be an ideal option if you are looking for a game that allows you to do industrial agriculture. It is an excellent farm simulator that has good attention to detail.

For instance, the game has changing seasons, affecting your farm’s appearance. So you will have to take extra care of your crops and livestock.

You can play this game online with other people as well. It is fun as you also tend to animals and take care of them. So make sure that you check it out. 

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7. Zombie Farm 2

When most farm games follow the same premise where you have to grow a farm, sell livestock, and grow crops, Zombie Farm 2 follows a slightly different approach.

Zombie Farm 2While you can do all the farming activities like selling livestock, growing crops, etc., you can also unleash a zombie attack on other farms in case you get bored. 

So when you no longer want to be a good farmer, you can start invading other farms and cities with zombies. Then, the game also lets you add panic gravestones and mausoleums as decorations on your farm. The best thing is that it receives frequent updates, so you will never be bored. 

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8. Farm Story

If you want a farming game that has good community support and something that you can enjoy with your friends, then Farm Story is an excellent option. This game lets you create a paradise world where the sky is the limit for imagination.

Farm StoryYou can grow all the crazy plants and animals you want on your farm. You can even breed animals and create some funny creatures. Then, it also lets you trade the vegetables and fruits you grow with your friends. So overall, it is an excellent farm game.  

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