Technology in computers is booming up day by day. Most of our tasks are now being performed by Artificial intelligence. Since AI is moving into our lives, it’s an excellent idea to start learning about AI. Artificial intelligence courses will help you learn and implement your application or services to provide better usability and results.

Most companies incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence in all major sectors, including networking, security, databases, etc. So if you’re outstanding in AI, then you will get a handsome package. So what you’re waiting for, learn about AI with these new Artificial Intelligence courses.

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List of Best Free Artificial Intelligence Courses Online in 2022

here are some great Artificial Intelligent Courses which you can try if you’re fond of learning AI and all about its new technologies and implementations:

1. AI with Google

AI with Google

Google launched this program to teach AI to everyone. You will get all the basics to advance knowledge about Artificial Intelligence in this crash course. It is designed so that there is no need for any prior knowledge in doing this course.

And it comes with Google’s machine learning library, Tensorflow. So, it is a great introduction to this for the experts. If you want to learn AI with basics, you should prefer AI with google courses.

Join Course: Learn with Google AI

2. Google- Machine Learning

Google- Machine Learning

This is a program launched by Google and available on Udacity. As this is quite an advanced course, so you need some prior knowledge about supervised learning methods. It focuses on deep and complex learning. This course is designed for the person who wants to be a data analyst, data scientist, or ML engineer.

Join Course: Google – Machine Learning

3. Machine Learning By Stanford University

Machine Learning By Stanford University

This is an ML program by Stanford University. Andrew Ng is the tutor of this course who has founded Google’s deep learning research unit and head of AI for Baidu. The entire course is free. You only need money when you want to do the certification.

This course covers the implementation of ML in the real world from speech recognition. It also teaches the use of AI in enhancing web searches. You will also learn about the most used language of AI-based tools called MATLAB.

Join Course: Stanford University – Machine Learning

4. Machine Learning By Columbia University

Machine Learning By Columbia University

This is a free online ML course offered by Columbia University. It will teach the methods to solve real-life problems using probability as well as supervised and unsupervised learning. You will get this on edX as a 12 weeks program, which will take 7 to 8 hours a week. It is a viable option for a nano degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Join Course: Columbia University – Machine Learning

5. Fundamental Of Deep Learning For Computer Vision By Nvidia

Fundamental Of Deep Learning For Computer Vision By Nvidia

Nvidia has developed this course to teach how to enable a machine to solve real-world problems and image classification. As this is a graphics company, it aims to show cutting edge images and computer vision applications. You can study the entire course according to your pace.

Join Course: Nvidia – Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision

6. Deep Learning And Self Driving Cars By MIT

Deep Learning And Self Driving Cars By MIT

This is a course by MIT on a specific technology. Self-driving cars are becoming very popular due to their wide usage. Shortly, it will become part of daily life. This course deal with the DeepTraffic simulator to teach students to drive as fast as possible without colliding or accident. You will learn a lot about self-drive cars but not gain any certification.

Join Course: MIT – Deep Learning for Self Driving Cars

From Editor’s Desk

These were some of the best Artificial Intelligence courses that you can try to learn and implement concepts about AI. Since AI is the latest computer industry trend, I’m sure you will get great benefits after learning from these courses.

So which one of these courses are you planning to take? And if you take one, do attend course video lectures on time to learn and master artificial intelligence technology.


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