When learning the English language, you must have a Dictionary and Thesaurus always by your side. The thesaurus provides you with synonyms for the words that you are using in your sentence to make them sound more professional. However, it isn’t possible to carry a thesaurus with you always. 

Instead, you can get Thesaurus apps on your phone. Thesaurus apps work the same way as the hard copy but in a much more efficient way. Of course, it is easier to search for terms on the app than on the book, plus you get so many activities on the app that can help you learn better. 

Thesaurus apps can be used by people of all age groups, be it a child or an adult. Most of these apps are available offline and updated regularly with new activities and terms. If you are looking for the best thesaurus apps for Android and iOS then we have listed the best we could find in this article ahead. 

Best Thesaurus Apps for Android and iOS

Having a good thesaurus that is easy to navigate through and gives you search results for your query is always useful. Given below is the list of the best thesaurus apps for Android and iOS you can give a try. 

1. Webster’s Dictionary + Thesaurus

This app has more than 1,60,000 entries and more than 800 illustrations. There are 4,700 terms of various categories, including business, food, internet, and more. There are various learning tools on this app to enhance your vocabulary. 

There is a ‘Word of the day’ section which features new words every day. You can also add the widget on the home screen, which will show you random words. 

Download for Android and iOS

2. Online Thesaurus

Online Thesaurus is an easy-to-access multilingual app that comes with offline words with definitions. This shows synonyms in various languages, including English, Italian, Czech, German, and more. This application lists synonyms and antonyms in order of usefulness.  

You can bookmark a page on this app. Not only this, but you can also view your search history; this allows you to see what you were doing earlier and continue if you wish to. Bookmarks get backed up on Cloud storage as well as local storage and can be restored later.

Download for Android

3. Power Thesaurus

If you’re looking for operational definitions for your chosen words, which are easy to understand and use in everyday life, Power Thesaurus is an amazing app for that. This app has over 2 million words and 100 million synonyms and antonyms, all of which can be accessed through the Thesaurus in one click.

When you type in a word, four sections open up dedicated to – synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and sentences. One can directly copy words from the app and use them anywhere. 

Download for Android and iOS

4. Dictionary-Merriam Webster

This is one of the most respected Thesaurus in the world. If you are looking for trustable meaning and pronunciation, definitely go for this app. This app brings one new learning word to the user every day. 

There are some creative exercises and games that you can play in your free time and gain points for correctly guessed words. Overall, this is one of the best thesaurus apps to learn new things and improve your English. 

Download for Android and iOS

5. Pocket Thesaurus

Get a long list of synonyms, antonyms, etc, at a single click for any word that you enter on this app. A comfortable font and soothing user interface make this app easy to use in any environment and even on the go. Bookmark all essential words or simply go through your search history to discover the voice you have used in the past.

The Advanced filter search option lets users search for potential words without using all the letters. This Thesaurus app is, therefore, among the top applications for poetry and rhymes.

Download for Android and iOS

6. WordWeb

WordWed Is an amazing tool for discovering new words and has one of the largest collections of words in the English language. This app has words from different dialects and variants – American, British, Australian English, etc. Many users use this app to get an automatic correction for new words.

Different search filters on this app can be used to even search words with unknown pronunciations. You can save important words and browse through them later. 

Download for Android and iOS

7. Word Hippo

This is one of the most popular free Thesaurus apps for both Android and IOS devices. This application not only improves the user’s vocabulary but also their pronunciation skills. Along with synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, etc, this app also includes translations and rhymes.

The examples provided on this app very aptly cover all the different uses of a single word. This application is great for the younger audience who need to improve their writing and speaking skills.

Download for Android and iOS

8. Dictionary.com

This is a free as well as paid app that opens up access to many rare words. The Dictionary and Thesaurus versions can be switched with each other through a single swipe. It shows you a new word every day as well as asks you to select the correct synonym for the word. 

This AI-inspired application knows which select words to suggest for award depending on the needs of the user. There are various quizzes and puzzles like word puzzles, spelling quizzes, and language quizzes to help you learn better.

Download for Android and iOS

9. Collocations Thesaurus Offline

Another popular thesaurus app that you can install is Collocations Thesaurus Offline. It has more than 75,000 words and 7000 synonyms and antonyms. Collocations Thesaurus is dedicated to multilingual proficiency. 

The user interface is easy to navigate through and promotes the user’s interest in new linguistic elements. You can star-mark important collocations and phrases on this app. This thesaurus app also includes the Academic Word list and Academic Collocations list.

Download for Android

10. VoiceTube Dictionary

This is a simple application that is quite popular among students and young academicians. This tool has managed to combine the benefits of voice commands and translation with general vocabulary-building and learning systems. 

There are American and British pronunciations available on this app, so you can learn how to correctly pronounce a word. Just like other apps, this app also shows the word of the day to add a new word daily to your vocabulary. 

Download for Android and iOS


Thesaurus apps include useful information about different words, etymological facts, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, etc., and can come in use a lot of times.

While most of these apps have a similar extensive store of words, their unique user interface and added facilities set them apart from one another.

We have listed the best thesaurus apps for Android and iOS that you can install to improve your grammar and get a better hold of the English language. 


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