Google Chrome is easily one of the most popular web browsers and millions of people worldwide love it. 

The browsing experience on Chrome is just seamless and there are certain features hidden in the settings that you can enable to enhance your browsing experience even further. 

These hidden features are called Google Chrome Flags and there are tons of Flags that you can choose from and enhance your browsing experience.

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What are Chrome Flags?

These features are experimental features from Google Chrome. Think of Chrome Flags as hidden experimental features and most of them are disabled by default. You have to search and enable them to try them out. That is why some of them might not work as expected, but they are still worth trying. 

You can easily access all the Google Chrome Flags by simply entering this in the URL bar and hitting the enter button: chrome://flags

In this guide, you will find some of the best and most useful Google Chrome Flags that you can try right now. To enable them, enter their address in the URL bar, hit enter, and use the drop-down menu on the right to enable them.

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Best Hidden Google Chrome Flags You Should Know

1. Parallel Downloading

Parallel DownloadingThe first one on the list is Parallel Downloading and the reason why it is one of the most useful Google Chrome Flags is that it allows you to get faster downloading speeds on your browser. 

If you are a person who constantly downloads stuff using the Google Chrome browser, then this Flag can significantly boost the download speeds when you download multiple things at the same time. The concept is simple. It divides the file into smaller sizes and then downloads them parallelly to give you faster download speeds. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading

2. Save and Autofill UPI/VPA

Save and Autofill UPI/VPAThere is no doubt that the Unified Payment Interface(UPI) has completely changed the way to do digital transactions in India. All the users now prefer UPI payments over any other digital payment methods. 

Because the technology is widely used in India, Chrome has been working to make it more user-friendly for Indian users to save and autofill their UPI or VPA ID. If you use UPI frequently, make sure to try this one out. The browser detects your UPI ID or VPA in forms and asks you to save it in the browser. So the next time, it can be auto-filled. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#enable-autofill-upi-vpa

3. Smooth Scrolling

Smooth ScrollingEver happened to you that you are trying to scroll down in Google Chrome and it just stutters or lags. Well, most Chrome users have experienced this at least once in their lifetime. This is because Chrome is notorious when it comes to RAM consumption. 

If you suffer from an annoying scrolling experience on Chrome, then Smooth Scrolling Chrome Flag is something that you should enable right away. It will help you provide a seamless and smooth browsing experience. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling

4. Enable Reader Mode

Enable Reader ModeFor all the readers out there, this is something that will excite you a lot. This Chrome Flag is particularly for people who spend a reasonable amount of time reading online. 

When you enable the Reader Mode Flag on Google Chrome, it just organizes a webpage in a way that is easy for you to read. So if you see a lot of disorganized pages when reading online, make sure to enable this. Once you enable this Flag, you will see a Reader Mode button on the right side of the URL box. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode

5. Pull to Refresh

Pull to RefreshNext up, we have the Pull to refresh flag among the best Google Chrome Flags available right now. If you use Google Chrome on your smartphone, you most likely swipe down to refresh a page. 

Well, you can bring the same feature on your laptop as well. So when you enable this Flag, you can use your laptop’s trackpad to reload a page by quickly using the swipe action. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#pull-to-refresh

6. Enable Download Bubble

Enable Download BubbleThis Google Chrome Flag brings a new download UI for your browser. You will see a download icon just right to the URL box when you enable it. The download icon shows you the list of downloads which is convenient. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#download-bubble

7. Incognito Screenshot

If you use the Incognito tab on Google Chrome, you must be aware that Chrome does not allow you to take screenshots in Incognito mode. When you try, it just saves a photo of a blank tab. 

But using this Google Chrome Flag, you can take screenshots in the Incognito tab as well. So if you have the use for it, make sure to try it out. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#incognito-screenshot

8. One-Click Tap Muting 

One-Click Tap Muting Google took away this feature back in the day but it is back again and it allows you to mute audio just by clicking on the mute icon on a tab. So make sure to try it out. 

Enable by: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting

9. GPU Rasterization

GPU Rasterization Chrome flag

Would you like Chrome to perform more efficiently than usual? Well, GPU Rasterization is a hidden Chrome flag we can use. Chrome uses the CPU to display visual content through a rasterization process.

So if we enable the GPU Rasterization, then it could reduce the load of the CPU. Another thing is that GPU is more efficient in controlling graphics processing. As a result, Chrome will perform better when it has to render web graphics.

Enable by: chrome://flags/#enable-gpu-rasterization

10. Live Caption

Live Caption Chrome flag

Live Caption is another useful Chrome flag that’s used by many. It will generate a caption in real time for the media you’re playing on Chrome. So if you’re watching a video, or listening to audio in other languages, then Live Caption comes in handy.

Enable by: chrome://flags/#enable-accessibility-live-caption


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