Best Halloween Apps

Everyone knows about Halloween. October is the month of Halloween when people celebrate it with some horror decorations, costumes, masks, and more. As of now, Halloween is just around, and you must be best as you can scare others.

One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is by using its apps on your smartphone. Our mobile phones play an important role in each festival, as we send wishes to others through our smartphones. So, why don’t we use our phones on Halloween also? You can make your Halloween special by using some of the best Halloween Apps for Android and iOS.

List of Best Halloween Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS)

There are so many great apps available that make your Halloween special. Here is the list of topmost Halloween party apps that can add some spark to your Halloween.

1. Doctor Bubble Halloween

Dr Bubble Halloween

It is a puzzle game app of bubble shooting where you need to clear the board. There are two modes, Challenge mode and Survival mode. In the challenge mode, you will see difficult levels as you move on.

You must create a strategy to shoot the bubbles and clear the level. In Survival mode, you challenge yourself to beat your own record in the game. Overall the game is best, but it can be addictive.

Download Doctor Bubble Halloween on Android

2. Pinterest and Tumblr


Pinterest is the most popular app which has almost all the ideas for everything. Even for Halloween, you can get the best ideas from here, like decorations, food items, costumes, and more. You can easily search for anything and pin or save it, which you like. Even Tumblr has great ideas. The app is free and easy to use.

Download Pinterest on Android

3. The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

The Walking Dead

With the help of this app, you can turn yourself into a zombie. The Walking Dead app converts your picture into a zombie. It is an official free app where you can capture or import a photo and then edit it using the effects in the app.

You can edit the picture by using Zombie eyes, mouths, and other things. Once a zombie is created, you can share the picture on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media apps.

Download The Walking Dead on Android

4. Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween Wallpaper

At the celebration of the Halloween festival, you must use this app. You will see the mysterious cemetery, haunted house, witches, ghosts, spirits, and bats. Here, you will not only see the static Halloween images, but it also has Halloween wallpapers with so many effects. In addition, the Animated screensaver for Android will create an atmosphere of Halloween night.

You can set the dynamic Halloween screensaver by: Home >> Apps >> Settings >> Display >> Wallpapers >> Home Screen Wallpapers >> Live Wallpapers >> Halloween Live Wallpaper.

Download Halloween Wallpaper on Android

5. Zombies, Run

Zombies Run

It is a Halloween app with an ultra-immersive game where you must run and complete the mission. When you start running, you can hear every breath, rattling groan of Zombies. Zombies, Run is an audio-adventure game where you are the hero. You will collect supplies while you run with a perfect mix of heart-pumping audio from your playlist.

Download Zombies, Run on Android and iOS.

6. Halloween City

Halloween City

Halloween City is a free game app in a Halloween city created and managed by yourself. Moreover, you can create, decorate, and customize the city with vampires, witches, monsters, and zombies.

You can earn and steal coins from your friends, collect monsters, upgrade them to a higher level, and protect your city. One of the best things is to take a picture of your city and share it with social media apps.

Download Halloween City on iOS

7. Vampify – Turn into a Vampire


The Vampires attract the most at the time of Halloween nights. At Halloween, everyone wants to look like a vampire. Don’t worry if you don’t want to become a vampire in reality, then convert your ideas with this app.

Vampify is a photo editor app that lets you create a picture that looks like a vampire. It also lets you share pictures on social media with your friends and family.

Download Vampify App on iOS

8. Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker

Ghost Lens AR

With this app, you can easily scare your friends by creating a picture like a ghost. Use the Ghost Lens app and edit a picture of yours with a ghost image. You can also use this app to clone your own ghost and make a video.

It also offers scary background music to add. Additionally, there are options available like PS effect features, selfie FX camera, video, and image filters.

Download Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker on iOS

9. Make A Zombie

Make A Zombie

You can create your zombie with this app with different combinations available. There is a face app option to add blood effects to the zombie and customize their body parts as they want.

One of the best things is that this app lets you take out Zombie’s print with the AirPrint option. So, you can take print and stick in the room and scare your siblings.

Download Make A Zombie App on iOS

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