In this new age of education, things have changed a lot as, unlike the traditional methods of learning, students have to focus on digital means mainly. In addition, they have to take on many responsibilities starting from attending online assignments to preparing and submitting assignments. However, smartphones can make some changes in this situation. 

Many of you may be using iPhone for its excellent processor and fantastic features. iOS devices are mostly recommended to students for their clean user interface and versatility. But some native iOS apps may be too much expensive and ineffective for students, so it’s necessary to rely on 3rd party applications.

Today we have made a list of some iPhone applications from various fields that will prove extremely helpful for people engaged in education, i.e., students. These apps will make your life easier by supporting you in different ways.

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List of Best iPhone Apps For College Students 

  • Google Drive
  • Headspace
  • Photomath
  • Forest
  • Notability
  • Duolingo
  • Adobe Scanner
  • Quizlet

1. Google Drive

Google DriveWe all know that iOS devices, be it iPhones or iPad, come with limited storage space that makes it impossible to store desired documents.  So you need cloud storage that does the work conveniently and accessibly. You can trust Google drive as your primary storage space.

The cloud storage comes with 15 GB of free storage and charges a subscription per 1TB space used. 15 GB may not be much, but you will get more than what iCloud is offering you. You can also make multiple Gmail accounts to extend the storage limit.


2. Headspace

HeadspaceStudents these days have to put a lot of pressure on their studies, and in such cases, sometimes their everyday lives get hampered. Headspace is a fantastic iOS application that you can use to get relief from your tight schedule. Headspace will help you to keep your life on track.

The app teaches you how to relax, manage stress, and focus. And it does all these things by guiding you to do a proper meditation. You can also listen to soothing music to get a night of uninterrupted sleep.


3. Photomath

PhotomathOur subsequent inclusion is an iOS app that will make students’ lives having maths easy. The app helps you solve maths problems by giving step-by-step explanations. Users just have to click pictures of their sums and upload them to the app to get the solution.

Photomath covers basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry. So you will hardly miss any chapter on it. Moreover, for each problem, the app gives you multiple ways of solutions. On top of that, the application is free to use.


4. Forest

ForestForest is a focus assistant app that will help you get rid of distracting activities on the phone. The app does it by restricting the use of each app on your phone to a specific period. You will not be able to access any apps once the time limit is reached.

The app gives you a virtual plant to grow on your phone. And the tree will only grow if you successfully follow the rules. This keeps you motivated to stay away from social media and other addictive apps.


5. Notability

NotabilityAs a student, you might need to take lots of notes for study purposes. Notability is an application that will help you in this process by providing you space to take notes easily and conveniently. Besides taking simple notes, you can also annotate PDFs using this app.

The note taking app has all the required tools like ink, highlighter, and others which you may need to create an easily readable text record. Notability has got Apple’s editor’s choice recognition and ranked top among other note-taking apps. So as a student, you can keep this on your device.


6. Duolingo

DuolingoIf you have a foreign language as a part of your syllabus or just want to learn one as an extracurricular activity, then Duolingo will be a fantastic application to choose. The app is an online language learning platform that features more than 35 International languages. You can easily learn the basics using Duolingo.

Duolingo is designed by language experts and trusted by millions as a tool to master conversation skills in different languages. The language lessons in the app are segregated into different sections and you can complete them by playing quizzes and solving puzzles. this makes learning easy and interesting.


7. Adobe Scanner

Adobe ScannerIn the era of digital learning and online exams, having a document scanning app is necessary for students. So if you have an iOS device, Adobe Scanner will be one of the best options to choose. The best part of the scanner is that it is easy to use and has a minimalistic user interface.

Adobe Scanner helps you to convert scanned images into JPG or PDF formats. The app uses advanced image technology to detect borders and text and enhance images automatically. You can also manually enhance the image to crop them as per necessity.


8. Quizlet

QuizletQuizlet is an exciting app that lets users prepare quizzes and solve them. If you are a student, you can use it to make flashcards with questions in your syllabus. This will help you to practice your lessons by solving important questions before your exams.

There are 7 study modes available in the app that can be used to prepare yourself. You will also get problems along with their solutions prepared by experts. In addition, one can also solve issues prepared by other Quizlet users. 



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