Learning a new language is fun. It makes you more informative and creates new job opportunities for you. Duolingo is one such service that provides you with free education o that you can learn any language in the world without any problem. Duolingo has short lessons that help you to learn essential words and vocabulary of any language.

Although Duolingo is a great application, there is a list of many more alternatives to Duolingo, just as good. Today we will talk about some of the best Duolingo alternatives you can try to learn a new language.

Learning a new language is not a challenging task. But it requires dedication and regularity. So if you’re trying to learn a new language, then there are a few alternatives to Duolingo, which would help you do just that. These language learning apps are entirely free to use; some even provide you with a certificate to showcase on your CV.

Best Duolingo Alternatives to Learn New Languages

Learning a new language with Duolingo is a piece of cake. However, if you have already tried Duolingo and are looking for some good Duolingo alternatives, then we have the best pics for you.

These language learning apps provide free language material along with verbal practices. They will teach you both grammar and pronunciation without charging you a single penny! So without further due, let’s start.

1. LingoDeer


LingoDeer is a unique language-learning app specializing in teaching Asian and European languages. It makes us a good Duolingo alternative since it teaches Japanese, Korean, French, Chinese, German, etc. These are the most learned languages all around the world.

The outstanding feature of LingoDeer is that it teaches you more than just a few travel words. It can teach you introduction phrases, teaches you how to frame sentences, and much more. LingoDeer also trains you to read, write, and speak by conducting short 10-minute sessions daily.

Download LingoDeer for Android iOS

2. Babbel


Babbel is a great digital language trainer who teaches you with voices. It comes with a structured content plan so you can track your progress whenever you want.

Babbel makes a great alternative to Duolingo and comes with great interactive lessons and multiple learner strategies. All the language learning is delivered with short 10-15 minute byte size lessons you can take in your free time.

Download Babbel for Android | iOS

3. Drops


Drops is a unique language learning application that changes how one can learn foreign languages. It comes with a new concept of a 5-mins learning sprint where you can take small 5-minute lessons.

These new 5 minutes lectures are intentional so that the user can focus on learning. Because of this feature, people tend to learn more in a short period. Also, Drops has an interactive visual-based education rather than text-based learning.

Downloads Drops for Android | iOS

4. Lingvist


If you’re a tech-savvy person and like to apply science in every aspect of your life, you will surely love Lingvist. Lingvist is a great alternative to Duolingo and comes with a scientific approach to learning new languages.

Unlike other language learning applications, Lingvist teaches you vocabulary that you might hear in actual conversations about your language. So, along with the grammar, you will learn terminology as well.

Download Lingvist for Android | iOS

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

You might not have heard about Rosetta Stone, but it is one of the oldest computer-based online language learning portals. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Rosetta offers you excellent study material and comes with an attractive user interface. It’s ideal for children as it uses image-based learning instead of traditional text-based learning like in the Duolingo app.

Download Rosetta Stone for Android | iOS

6. HelloTalk Learn Languages Free

HelloTalk Learn Languages Free

Apart from other language learning apps, HelloTalk comes with a different approach. It has the traditional learning style of text and lessons. Additionally, you can talk with multi-lingual people and learn the language through conversations.

It is a great platform since you will make new friends and learn at the same time. You can connect with people to travel, retain, or understand their culture, which is exceptionally beautiful.

Download HelloTalk for Android | iOS

7. Memrise


As an alternative to Duolingo, Memrise is an excellent choice. Memrise is an intriguing platform because it offers lessons in 23 languages and has 60 million members.

The app, like the popular Duolingo, uses a game-like approach to teaching language skills. Memrise, on the other hand, takes things to the next level by combining technology and science to make your brain come to life.

Download Memrise for Android and iOS


  1. Amazing list of applications for people who want to learn foreign languages. I will definitely use this to make my learning strategy much more effective. I hope that you will continue sharing this type of content.


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