Although iPhones come with out of the box keyboard, you might not always like them. This is because of the lack of features in the stock iOS keyboards. Many iOS users complain about the small key size and inconvenient key arrangements. A 3rd party keyboard app might be of great help in such situations.

There are plenty of such keyboard apps that are compatible with iPhones and iPads. You need to find a suitable one for yourself. The different keyboards offer different functionalities to the users. For instance, some keyboard lets you type swiftly, while others let you use lots of emojis.

Today’s list includes the best iPhone keyboard apps to help you replace your stock iOS keyboard with a new and efficient one. All the options we have included are unique and can be used free of charge.

1. Typewise Custom Keyboard

Many people have problems typing due to the small keys on iPhones. Typewise resolves this by giving you a larger target. The hexagonal configuration makes the keys considerably larger and easier to press. Using this app, your overall typing speed will increase.

Typewise Custom KeyboardAdditionally, Typewise provides autocorrection. The app emphasizes that it does not save any information, ensuring data safety. You can use the app free of cost with basic functionalities, and a paid version is also available.


2. Phraseboard Keyboard

If you frequently find yourself bored writing the same sentences, then Phraseboard Keyboard will help you. It enables you to save and organize frequent phrases to quickly insert them into text without typing them out completely.

Phraseboard KeyboardAdditionally, you may personalize your keyboard and select from more than 100 fonts and different languages available on it. The keyboard saves much time if you want to send quick texts or type a long paragraph.


3. Fleksy

A lightning-quick typist might not find the iPhone’s keyboard much more convenient, as the key arrangements need to be better. In that situation, we’d advise Fleksy, which claims to be one of the quickest keyboards in the world. 

FleksyThey also have a record in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition, you can use more than 80 languages on Fleksy. The app also offers a remarkable autocorrection option. There are five different keyboard layouts, namely- QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK, and Colemak.


4. Bitmoji

If you want to send an emoji that looks like you rather than using text or a normal emoji, Bitmoji is the best option. With Bitmoji, you can personalize and send an emoji straight from your keyboard. You can use the app with your preferred messaging programs, including iMessage and Snapchat.

BitmojiThis keyboard app lets you create a dynamic avatar and customize it with a constantly evolving library of stickers and moods. For first-time users, it uses Facebook login credentials to create an account. Overall, it is an attractive app for emoji lovers.


5. Color Keyboard

Color Keyboard is the king of keyboard personalization. This is due to the ability to customize the keyboard’s appearance in any way you like. Not only that, but it also offers several helpful features that make it a proper replacement for your iPhone’s stock keyboard.

Color KeyboardSome of the unique features offered by Color Keyboard include emoji insertion, autocorrection, and the ability to tap and hold the space bar to move the cursor. The basic version of the app is free to use. However, to access everything, you must subscribe.


6. Gboard

Given that Google has some tech expertise, it’s not unexpected that its Gboard app is the top iPhone keyboard overall. When used, it is elegant and snappy, and gesture typing is expertly done. Moreover, autocorrection is accurate and useful.

GboardYou will also get a lot of language support. The built-in Google search also lets you find the appropriate emojis and GIFs quickly and easily. Holding down the space bar allows you to access voice dictation. However, it uses Google rather than Siri.


7. Grammarly

Even those who learned appropriate grammar in school may have forgotten a lot. Grammarly is a helpful option for them; it lets your keyboard check your grammar as you type. The app doesn’t have a lot of fascinating features, but it has an unmatched capacity for identifying spelling and grammar errors. 

GrammarlyAdditionally, it provides helpful explanations for each correction so you can make the correction correctly the next time. You can use the basic version of Grammarly free of cost, but you need to subscribe to unlock some advanced functions.


8. Thumbly Keyboard

If you type with just one thumb, Thumbly is your best iPhone keyboard option. The app’s keys are positioned ergonomically to be accessible with a simple side-to-side stroke using one thumb. Additionally, it enables one-click switching between right-handed and left-handed keyboards.

ThumblyThumbly also has a respectable autocorrect feature. Unknown terms are highlighted, and you can record them to prevent further flagging. Additionally, there is a searchable collection of curated emojis.



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