It’s a big name, and most probably, if you are a college or university-level student, then you must hear about Grammarly. It has been the weapon for most students and professionals. They’ve been around for over ten years establishing themselves to be one of the best most trusted grammar checkers tools.

Well, it is not that Grammarly just helps you improve your writing, but it also comes up with useful suggestions and feedback to get you back on track while writing. You can use Grammarly on various platforms such as Google Chrome, MS Word, Excel, PDF, etc., and even on your mobile keyboard.

Meanwhile, the newcomers hesitate before using this as they are unsure about the tool and think about Grammarly stealing their data or providing wrong information. But trust me, Grammarly is not like that. However, for your assurance, we are here with this guide in which we have mentioned each question that generally users have in their minds. So, let’s get started with it.

What Is Grammarly?

What Is Grammarly? Is it Safe And Legit?Grammarly is basically a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, proofreading, and spell-checking tool. So, yes, all these things are available in a single tool. However, most of the time, people use it as a grammar checker, but there are a number of extra features that can improve your writing.

The writers on our different websites also use it on a daily basis to improve themselves, so they can deliver you more good content. However, there are various uses of this, but better known for checking Grammar and spelling.

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What Make It Different From Others?

Now, there are many similar tools available in the market, then what makes it different from others? Well, the specialty of this tool that makes it unique is that it does not only show you where you made mistakes but also shows you where to improve and teaches you why these changes matter.

Considerably, the issue is shown on the left side of the screen and the explanation on the right. Meanwhile, if you want to check Plagiarism, you need to switch to Grammarly’s premium version. After that, it compares your writing to millions and billions of other web pages on the internet and tells you whether your writing is unique or not.

Is It Safe to Use Grammarly, or Does it Steal Our Data? 

Is It Safe to Use Grammarly, or Does it Steal Our Data? For the past couple of years, this tool has been rated as the best grammar checking software for a reason. They do not ever store, sell, reuse your data in any instance. 

If you first sign in to Grammarly and upload your document, it lets you choose from a list of goals to understand what kind of writing you’re doing and who your audience is. After that, it will do a quick scan, and you’ll start seeing results within a few seconds. Also, once you check everything and go to the My Documents section and delete the document that you previously edited will get deleted from the Grammarly database.

Yeah! But, there are a few situations where they might track your usage just to understand the user’s needs so that they can improve their services. Also, there is no crack version available. Yeah! There are a few in Google, but I guarantee you that they only check your Grammar and not Plagiarism. Therefore, if you use the official version instead of a crack or moded version, then there is no chance to steal your data.

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Is It A Legit Platform? 

Is It Legit PlatformAs we have already stated, it is safe to use Grammarly, so in that note, we again say that it is a one hundred percent legit platform where you can improve your grammar and writing skills. However, there is no doubt regarding its legitimacy because over 30 million daily active users worldwide trust this platform.

When you buy or purchase Grammarly premium, the payment made is secured with end-to-end encryption. Also, when you get Grammarly premium, no one is able to access your premium account until you enter your password. 

Is Grammarly Worth It?

If you’re just sticking with the free version and thinking about upgrading it to the premium version, then go for it. We recommend you this because Grammarly is worth every single penny spent on it if you are a writer, professional, or student.

In the free version, there are many features that are missing, such as a Plagiarism checker and other premium writing suggestions. But, in case you are getting it just because you want to try the premium mode, then I will suggest you not waste your money as this has no use in your practical daily life. So, now it’s upon you whether you want to get the premium version or not.

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From Author’s Desk

So, these were some details that we have for you about the Grammarly grammar checker tool. We hope this guide helps you decide that whether you have to go with this or not. However, if you are already a Grammarly user, then use our comment section and let us know about your experience using this platform. 


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