Kodi is an exceptional service where you can watch movies, tv shows, and other drama content from all over the world. However, for k-pop fans or Korean drama fans, we don’t have enough Kodi addons. I have recently started watching Korean drama, and these are some of the best Korean Kodi addons in use.

All of these Korean Kodi addons are free to use. But due to less support from the development community, we don’t have a variety of options for Korean addons. However, I have done my research, and these are the best Kodi addons for Korean Content, which updates regularly.

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List of Best Korean Kodi Addons You Can Use in 2022

1. Netflix


Netflix is a top-rated streaming service worldwide because of the number and types of Content. So if you are searching for a Kodi Addon to watch Korean TV shows and Movies, then Netflix is a great option. Though it is not a free streaming service, you will have to buy a subscription plan to access it; different plans give you more features, that is up to you.

Netflix has a vast library of Tv shows and movies from almost every region around the Globe. Even more, Netflix always selects the top-rated shows on their service, so you will have exceptional Korean shows to watch. Some of the heavyweight titles Korean shows on Netflix are Train to Busan, Lucid Dream, 26 Years, Forgotten, Rampant, and much more.

You can get the Netflix addon for Kodi from Github and install it to enjoy over 5000 movies and Korean TV shows.

2. Viki


Viki is a streaming service that mainly provides Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Content. However, there are other international Contents, but the number of Korean and other Asian Content is comparably huge. In addition, there are plenty of Well-known movies and Tv shows on Viki.

If you are a fan of Korean shows, then Viki is for you, as it is a free service and will cost you nothing. However, there are a few limitations, to remove that you can join Viki Pass Plus. This will also give you access to more titles for the stream. Rakuten owns the service, and millions are people use it.

3. Youtube


Youtube is a top-rated video streaming service; everyone around the Globe is aware of youtube. Thus, it needs no introduction. As you already know, Youtube has a variety of content. So, yes, definitely, you can access Korean Content on Youtube.

However, don’t expect to get the latest Korean movies and Tv shows. There are many channels on Youtube that upload Korean shows, but primarily old shows. If you have a Youtube premium, rest assured you will have access to all Korean Content on youtube.

Youtube might not be refined as other Streaming services for Korean movies and Tv shows, but it is definitely worth checking out.

From Editor’s Desk

After searching through many Kodi addons, these were the best and most reliable for Korean movie & service lovers. All of these extensions also support subtitles and HD content. We will update this list with more such add-ons in the future, so be sure to bookmark us!

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