Kodi is a famous media streaming service popular among many users worldwide. However, many people speculate Kodi services break copyright laws in certain countries. So they look for other Kodi alternatives to stream content on. If you’re also looking for some great Kodi alternatives, then you’re at the right place.

Today we are talking about streaming services that work just like Kodi. You can watch online TV Series, movies, and stream shows online. They are free, easy to use, and support multiple media plugins, just like Kodi. With these Kodi alternatives, you can stream Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, watch live channels, and much more.

List of Top Best Kodi Alternatives in 2023

Here are some great Kodi alternatives for you to try. All of them are free to use and come with additional features.

1. Plex


Plex is one of the most competitive alternatives to Kodi. With almost the same features, plex is a considerable media player. It is better than Kodi in some ways, like it works on the server-client model. The interface is more robust and better than Kodi. But many features can only be accessed in the premium model.

Visit Site: Plex

2. Stremio


Stremio is another useful digital media player. In some terms, Syremi is better than Kodi s it allows you to stream high-quality videos. It also adds subtitles to the videos and notifies them about upcoming episodes. You can also make your library and store your favorite music and videos. If you want an upgraded Kodi alternative,m Stream will be viable.

Visit Site: Stremio

3. Media Portal

Media Portal

MediaPortal is the best alternative to Kodi for windows. It will convert your pc into a complete media solution. This app allows a lot of customization, like skins and plug-ins. It also features live TV record and streaming of video from the connected pc.

Visit Site: Media Portal



If you are searching for a simple alternative to Kodi, OSMc is a viable option. It is very similar to Kodi. OSMC is open-source software with wifi adapters. You can get some compatibility as it is supported in Raspberry pi, Apple TV and VERO. If you want the replacement for Kodi in a more neat interface, You must go for OSMC.

Visit Site: OSMC

5. Emby


Emby is another Kodi alternative that comes with parental control. If you are searching for a Kodi alternative for your children or younger ones, Emby is a good option. It also follows the server-client model as in Plex. With an elegant and easy interface, Emby a be a good choice.

Visit Site: Emby

6. Universal Media Player

Universal Media Player

Universal Media player is a simple alternative for Kodi. This player lists the top 10 Kodi alternatives due to its simple and easy interface. The setup time is quite time-consuming, but its compatibility is extensive. Besides media, you can also connect gaming consoles to enjoy gaming.

Visit Site: Universal Media Player

7. Infuse


If you are an Apple user, Infuse is the best Kodi alternative. You can enjoy live TV on your Apple device without any disturbance. With an excellent interface, Infuse comes with lots of features and plug-ins. It also cos with many customizable options with smart filters.

Visit Site: Infuse

8. Koko Time

KoKo Time

Koko Time can be a great Kodi alternative for your smartphones. You can get various features and a universal player to play almost every extension. So switch to one of the best Kodi alternatives for an enjoyable experience.

Visit Site: Kokotime

9. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

A terrarium is a great option for a movie enthusiast. It is a free streaming app with high-quality videos. You can watch or download your favorite video on this app.

You will get another security layer with a very intuitive interface as the content is streamed in google drive. If you are searching for a smooth and high-quality Kodi alternative with extra security, you must prefer Terrarium TV.

Visit Site: Terrarium TV  

10. JRiver


If you are a movie geek, Jriver is a must-try. Movies and music, audio, and other media files can be streamed on JRiver very easily. With extra premium features like High Definition streaming and remote access, JRiver is a better Kodi alternative than others.

The only thing that is not good is its freemium model. They give 30- a day free trial. After that, you must subscribe and pay to enjoy this world-class app.

Visit Site: JRiver

This brings us to the end of this list. We know that Kodi player is one of the best media streaming platforms. But do try these Kodi alternatives, as you might like their features and services. Let us know which of them you plan to install on your media device.


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