Linux is a prevalent operating system among security researchers and network administrators. It is very similar to Windows and Mac OS but much faster and more flexible. This is why most companies use Linux OS in their servers and apps.

Many of Them also recommend Linux for programming and web development. However, Linux is not very user friendly, and that is why people prefer to use Linux Distros.

These Linux Distros are great overall package features and user interface. There are distros for all kinds of stuff. E.g., programming, web developing, gaming, hacking centric, machine learning, normal user Distro, etc.

The point is, using Linux distros, you can taste a new OS every time. There are thousands of Linux distributions out there. You can choose any distro according to your need.


Best Linux Distros For Programming & Developers

Here are some great Linux distros you can try if you’re using Linux for the first time. And yes, you will find them very fascinating and similar to Windows or Mac OS.

1. Arch Linux

Arch Linux

If you are looking to keep things simple along with a minimalist approach to everything, then Arch Linux is among the most popular choices.

However, this OS is not very User-Friendly, but it offers a huge potential for customizations. Most importantly, it works great even on the old machines and doesn’t acquire any garbage package space.

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2. Linux Mint

Linux Mint

Linux Mint can be a great option if you are just starting with Linux. It is an ideal platform for those switching from Windows or Mac. Moreover, it has good support for various media formats, allowing us to play DVDs, videos, music, etc.

You also get some amazing customization options. Cinnamon is most popular in the present day. However, you can also use the MATE or Xfce.

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3. Elementary OS

Elementary OS

The Elementary OS is a very smartly designed Linux distro. It is probably one of the best in terms of looks. The latest version of this OS is Loki; it has its own application installer user interface called AppCenter.

You can add different software to your machine using AppCenter seamlessly. Also, it comes with an excellent desktop environment known as Pantheon, which is mainly based on Gnome. However, the only flaw about the Elementary OS is that it does not have enough preinstalled apps.

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4. Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux

Like the Linux Mint, the Manjaro Linux is also straightforward to install. The OS is getting better with every new update.

If you find installing the Arch Linux any tough, you could go for the MAnjaro. It provides you with power such as Arch Linux and is quite a stable one as well.

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5. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is among one of the most popular and handy Linux distros. It is quite easy for all newbies and has great security and stability.

The Ubuntu developers group publishes new updates every 6 months. There are many variations of Ubuntu, one of which is called the Lubuntu. The Lubuntu spin is, however, great for the underpowered PC/Laptops.

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6. Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux

The Debian GNU/Linux distro is one of the best Linux OS. It is also known as the developer’s operating system because it provides many packages. You can also find tutorials to gain better control over this OS.

It performs great with all machines when it comes to stability. It plays a good role in that too. However, if you are new to Linux, Debian isn’t the right choice, as it can get complicated.

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7. CentOS


CentOS is an Enterprise version of Red Hat Linux. Unlike other Linux distros, CentOS is reliable and especially focuses on stability.

If you are fond of the Fedora distro and are quite satisfied with it, you can try CentOS. It perfectly fits programming, and you can also develop apps using Xen virtualization.

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8. Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Kali Linux might be the best Linux distro for ethical hackers to run penetration tests on different networks. The best part is it comes with a bunch of pre-installed tools.

Thus, the tools perfectly fit both programmers and ethical hackers. It becomes easier if you are familiar with Linux commands.

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9. Open SUSE


This is a polished version of the earlier known SUSE Linux distro. It especially focuses on developers and system administrators. As a result, it holds an amazing security system with strict protocols. It also allows you to create your own version of the OS.

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10. Tails


The Tails OS especially emphasizes the security and privacy of its users. It routes internet traffic using the private Tor network.

Moreover, it comes with a simple user interface that is easy to use. Therefore, it is not possible to intercept or analyze data without one’s permission.

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From Editor’s Desk

This brings us to the end of this article. Many more Linux distros are available, but these are some of the best with great technical support. So let us know which of them you plan to install on your PC. These Linux distros are great fits for programmers and developers.


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