Pages is the default writing app for Mac, and believe it or not, many people find it lacking in terms of features. Fortunately, there are many writing apps available for Mac, so you aren’t just limited to Pages for this. 

Whether it is for note-taking or content creation, having a good writing app loaded with features like grammar check, dictionary, etc., is handy. With different writing apps available for Mac, it can sometimes be difficult to handpick one. 

If you are here looking for the best writing apps for Mac then your search brought you to the right place. Here is a list of some of the popular writing apps available for Mac that you can prefer using. 

 Best Writing Apps for Mac

Writing apps come with different features, some have AI integrated into them, while some can make a good outline of the text you are typing. Here is a list of the top writing apps that you can get for your Mac-

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

This app is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, so you need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription to use this app. Microsoft Word comes with an in-built grammar check through which you can solve grammar and spelling errors on your document. You can comment on Word documents and collaborate with other members. 

There are also templates on the Word that you can use. For instance, you will find a template for a resume that you can use to create a resume. The documents get auto-saved to OneDrive so you will have access to them always.

2. Notability


With Notability, making notes, writing down text, and researching on topics become quite easy. This app allows you to create notes with multimedia. You can also use the already present templates or create custom templates of your own. You can import the PDF document to notability and annotate it. 

Moreover, you can sync audio to your notes and hear them whenever you want to. Not only this, but you can multitask with notability, i.e., you can open two notes side by side and work on them together. The app has a paid version, but the free version should be enough to keep up with the needs of regular users. 

3. Notion

Notion - notes, docs, tasks

This app is everything you need on your Mac no matter whether you are a student or a working professional.  Notion works as a writing app as well as an organizer to organize your docs and tasks in one place. With Notion, you can create pages and start writing on them. 

You will find various templates on the Notion library which you can use to create different types of documents. The best part is all the documents you will create will be managed in one place. You can also publish Notion documents as websites easily. 

4. Journey

Journey - Diary, Journal

As the name suggests, Journey is a journaling and diary app where you can jot down your daily life like that of a physical journal. You can create journals and include different styles like checklists, bullet points, hyperlinks, etc. Journey also gives you the option to password-protect your notes so it stays away

You can also note down your mood while you are writing in the journal. Also, you can upload multimedia like photos, videos, and audio to your notes. Journals on Journey can be shared with anyone; you can invite your friends and family members to collaborate on your notes.  

5. Bear Markdown Notes 

Bear Markdown Notes

This is a powerful writing app that helps you not only write but organize your docs. This app is best known for its beautiful UI and how easy it is to use this app. You can create notes and add tags to it. The tags make it easier to organize your notes. 

Bear gets integrated into Spotlight Search, so you can search for your notes directly from the Spotlight Search. You can encrypt notes so no one else can access them without your permission. Notes created with Bear can be exported in various file formats like TXT, Markdown, etc. 

6. Drafts


This app makes writing an easy task to carry on with. With Drafts, you can not only type with the keyboard but also dictate to create notes and go hands-free. You can completely customize the drafts to make them look the way you want to. 

You can open notes on Draft with Siri or create a widget to do it from the desktop. There’s also the pro version which gives extra options/features like workspaces, themes, icons, extra widgets, enhanced automation, and more. 

7.  Ulysses: Writing App


Best known for the UI experience, Ulysses creates a focused writing environment for the users to keep them away from distractions. This app not only creates your docs but also helps you proofread them. Ulysses recognizes around 20 languages, checks it for punctuation, style, and grammar, and helps you fix it. 

You can export your documents on Ulysses to PDF or as Word Documents. Not only this, you can connect the app to publishing platforms like Ghost, WordPress, Medium, etc, and publish your documents directly on the internet. 

8. MarsEdit 5

MarsEdit 5

If you are a blogger or someone who frequently publishes their content to websites online, then MarsEdit 5 is a must-have writing app for your Mac. This app works with various platforms including the famous ones like Tumblr, WordPress, and more. 

You can write a blog post on MarsEdit and publish it directly from the app. Not only this, you can insert photos into your blog post through the app. It also comes with a grammar and spell checker to ensure your blog post is grammar-free before you publish it. 

Bottom Line

That’s it with this list of best writing apps for Mac. If you are into writing or you journal your daily life then you need to have a good writing app by your side. Given above is a list of the best writing apps for Mac that you can install. The apps mentioned in this list are loaded with features to assist you with writing and organizing your documents in one place. 


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