It has been over two years since COVID-19 and this pandemic has changed people’s lives forever. A lot has changed since the pandemic and one area observed a significant change in the way we interact with people professionally. 

Earlier office meetings, interviews, or professional meetings used to take place in office settings, but now, it takes place via Zoom or virtual meeting platforms. People mostly avoid any physical interaction that can be avoided. 

While there is a lot of flexibility in virtual meetings, there is always a need for a professional environment. If you appear for a job interview or a presentation on Zoom, then it is important that you look professional. 

That is why, in this guide, you will find the top office Zoom backgrounds you can use in your next Zoom meeting. Not only will it be a good change of scenery, but it will also look more professional and appealing.

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Top Best Office Zoom Backgrounds

1. Scenic Background

If you want to look like a powerful authority figure, then this background is going to be a great choice for you. It has a view of a villa with a chair on the side. Then there are some green meadows in the background.

Overall, it gives the looks of an expensive Beverly Hills mansion. So this is definitely going to be great if you wish to impress a lot of people with your charm. 

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2. Antique Office Space

Reclaimed wood flooring, an old bookshelf, a minimalistic desk setup, and what else would you need? This is easily one of the best Zoom backgrounds on the list. It looks classy and has an antique element to it. If you have a strong personality and want to establish a good rapport, then this one is going to help you a lot. 

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3. A Blogger’s Workstation

Hey! If you are a writer, then this one is going to impress you a lot. It is a simple blogger workstation. So if you belong in the writing industry and have to take a lot of virtual meetings daily, then this one is going to be great for you. It looks organized and neat and gives very professional vibes. So make sure that you try it out. 

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4. Regal Bookshop

If classy had a matching image, then it would be this background. Now, this is a background that you can use if you have an important presentation coming up. It is from the iconic Livraria Lello, the most beautiful street bookstore.

The store is visited by hundreds of people daily and with tons of books in your background in a perfectly organized manner, and you just can’t go wrong with this one.

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5. High Floor Corner Office

What would be more appealing and classy than having a top-floor office with the entire city skyline in the background? This is exactly what this Zoom background radiates.

This background in any meeting will immediately catch everyone’s eyes and you will be radiating some boss vibes for sure. If you are going to have an important meeting coming up then make sure to try this one in the next one.

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6. Background with Bookshelf

What can you do to make a simple setting more interesting? Just throw in a couple of books and it will automatically look more professional.

Here, we are talking about an entire bookshelf in the background. Now you can imagine what this background will bring to the table. 

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7. Conference Room

A conference room in the background is simply one of the best office Zoom backgrounds that you can get. It is highly professional and the most straightforward choice for many people. If simple is your goal then this background has you covered totally. 

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8. Simple Yet Modern

Just having a simple background is all you need sometimes and that is why this background is on the list. It is simple yet looks very impressive and if you just want to have a casual meeting then make sure that you try this background in your next Zoom meet and see how people react to it. 

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9. An Average Workspace

You definitely can’t go wrong with this one. If you are looking for a safe Zoom background for an office meeting then your average workspace background is the best option. It is as simple as it gets and delivers a very simple vibe that is professional as well. So for your next meeting, you can try this background and see how people react to it. 

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10. Minimalistic Shelf

Sometimes it is not all about being professional and bossy. Sometimes you just want to have a casual talk with other people in your office and for that, this minimalistic bookshelf design is going to be great.

First of all, it radiates very positive vibes and on top of that, it also looks really impressive. If you have a small and casual meeting with some of your colleagues, this is the one you can try. 

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