When it comes to graphics designing, no other tools can come close to Adobe Illustrator. The fantastic software excels in designing vector graphics, logos, icons, and several other things. However, the main drawback of the software is its price, which makes it difficult for small graphic designers to afford. So they have to depend on cheaper or open-source alternatives of Adobe Illustrator.

An open-source graphic designing tool may not be exactly the same as the Adobe Illustrator bus. Still, you will find most of the functions in it. Users can find a variety of such software, each with different sets of functions. And the best part of using them is that they are absolutely free and come with a nominal subscription fee.

So if you are also looking for a similar alternative that will be both efficient and pocket-friendly, then our list will help you a lot. We have tried to list the best open-source alternative for Adobe Illustrator to help our readers choose.

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List of Open-Source Adobe Illustrator Alternatives 

  • Inkscape
  • sK1 Project
  • Libre Office Draw
  • SVG Edits
  • Skencil
  • Apache OpenOffice Draw
  • Affinity Designer
  • Collaboration Online Draw

1. Inkscape

InkscapeIt is one of the most suitable counterparts of Adobe Illustrator that you can use for illustrating, sketching, and editing pictures. It has all the required functions starting from bitmap tracing to color tracing. You will also get the screen rotation by pixels in Inkscape.

The software is open-source, but there are still several complex functions. For instance, you can create unique textures and gradients in Inkscape. All over the illustrator can be used by both semi Pro and Pro graphic designers.

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2. sK1 Project

sK1 ProjectThis is a fantastic tool for Photoshop, image manipulation, and other graphic editing. There are a large number of add-ons available to use with it. The best part of the sK1 Project is that it allows you to use third-party plugins to bring in features that are not available in it.

The only drawback of the sK1 Project is that it features limited vector functions making it unsuitable for some artists. Still, you can rely on it for non-drawing purposes as photo editing features are best in class and free to use.

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3. Libre Office Draw

Libre Office DrawIf you are a beginner in making vector graphics and need easy-to-use software, try out Libre Office Draw. The amazing open-source alternative for Adobe Illustrator has all professional functions but is all simplified to use. Some tools you will get in Libre Office Draw include pen, bezier curves, groups, shapes, etc.

As the software is easy to use, you can finish your project much faster than on any other software. The UI  is also clean; you will find everything using the search option. As the software is open-source, you can also make minor tweaks if required. 

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4. SVG Edits

SVG EditsIt is a portable vector graphics editor that you can use without downloading. The software is suitable for those who want to do light editing and don’t want to engage dedicated space in their computer system for that. SVG Edits is also one of the oldest open-source editors you will get.

The product was not updated for a long time, but the developers’ team has recently become active. They have introduced many modern features to cope up with the contemporary illustrator software.

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5. Skencil

SkencilSkencil is a worthy substitute for Adobe Illustrator as it has almost all Adobe’s functions. From basic vector editing tools like pen, ink, line, knife, etc., to advanced stuff like Boolean operations and symbols, everything is present in it. In addition, the user interface is straightforward and easily navigable.

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There are several convenience features in Skencil that lets you share your images directly over the internet without saving it. You can also do the same thing to print your project in high quality. The supported file formats in Skencil are JPG, PNG, SVG, and others.

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6. Apache OpenOffice Draw

Apache OpenOffice DrawThis open-source illustrator and photo editor offers premium quality pictures to its users free of cost. Features like bezier curves, 3D functions, etc., are present in it. You will get pre-designed templates on Apache OpenOffice Draw to incorporate them into your project.

You can use the software’s digital reference book if you are new to graphic design. Some unique functions like merging several pages to make a long Canvas for your vector art are available in Apache OpenOffice Draw.

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7. Affinity Designer

Affinity DesignerIt is a fantastic software for making vector drawing from scratch. Its extensive features like infinite zooming, automatic snapping points, etc., have made it one of the favorites among graphic designers. Apart from vectors, you will also get a raster workspace in Affinity Designer.

There are unlimited artboards available on the software to use while drawing. However, this reference search software is not free and comes with a 90-day free trial. After which, you can opt for a subscription.

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8. Collaboration Online Draw

Collaboration Online DrawCollaboration Online Draw is a cloud-based alternative for Adobe Illustrator. The software can be accessed through a browser making it portable and convenient. In addition, it integrates with cloud hosting platforms like Nextcloud and ownCloud to offer ample storage space for your drawings.

Collaboration Online Draw has a built-in library where you will find templates, animations, images, etc., to insert them into your work. Another promising platform aspect is that you can work on 3D objects. The supported file formats in Collaboration Online Draw in are PNG, JPG, SVG, Gif, and others.

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