Smoking is one of the worst addictions a person can have. Not only is it bad for the health, but quitting cigarettes is also one of the most challenging things. They are quite addictive and take a big chunk of your money. So you can leverage your smartphone to help you quit smoking. 

You will find a ton of quit smoking apps for iPhone and Android, but the majority of them are useless. So it is necessary that you get the right ones. This guide will find the list of the best quit-smoking apps for iPhone and Android. 

So if you have decided to quit this bad habit and want some support, make sure that you try either of the apps on the list. We wish you the best of luck on this journey and hope you come winning. 

Best Quit Smoking Apps for iPhone and Android 

1. QuitNow

QuitNow is easily one of the most popular quit smoking apps for iOS and Android across the board. The interface of the app is smooth and easy to use. The developers use data from WHO to make this app. So they follow a systematic approach to counter your smoking habit.

Four different areas within the app help you to quit smoking. The first section shows your new ex-smoker status, then 70 ex-smoker achievements will keep you motivated, the strong ex-smoker community also provides good support, and finally, your newfound health improvements. Overall, the app is intuitive and easy to use.

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2. Flamy

While there are many bad things about smoking, two main things are the unnecessary expenses that go towards it and the health hazards in the long run. Flamy focuses on these two points as the app displays the amount of money you saved since quitting and the number of days you have saved as a non-smoker.

The UI of the app is one of the cleanest on the list and that is why you are going to love it a lot. The main screen displays a lot of data, including your achievements that motivate you. So make sure that you try this app. 

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3. Smoke Free

Next up on the list, we have Smoke Free and this is one of the highest-rated quit-smoking apps for iPhone and Android. In terms of working, the app is similar to Flamy, but it has a better UI for some people. On the app’s dashboard, you will see all the basic details like money saved; days spent sober, etc.

There is also a diary tab in the app and every time you crave a cigarette; you can add your notes instead of smoking. Then the app plots a map of the days you craved, so you better understand how it works. 

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4. Kwit

Kwit is a powerful quit-smoking app for your smartphone. The main reason is the game thinking, mechanics, and design it incorporates. One of the best things about the app is the interface. It is simple, clean, and very easy to use.

The app displays all the information and statistics modern and intuitively. It also shows you all the insights that will keep you motivated, like the number of cigarettes you haven’t smoked, money saved, days spent without smoking, etc. 

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5. HabitBull

Quitting something alone can be difficult, especially when you do not have something to replace it with. This is what HabitBull focuses on. Not only does it help you to quit smoking, but it also allows you to build good habits over time. So for all the people who wish to quit smoking and build better habits, this app will be good.

The app is easy to set up; you just have to select the habit you wish to quit, and you will find smoking under the Health & Fitness section. The app also lets you choose how you would want to track the habit. You can try this one out. 

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6. Quit Tracker

Quit Tracker is a simple quit-smoking app for everyone looking to quit smoking. Unlike many others on the list, the app simply shows you health-based statistics and the benefits your body will have when you quit smoking.

Then there is also gamification of the entire process, so users are more inclined toward quitting smoking. It shows you the rewards you can get with the money you have saved on smoking. So overall, the app is fun and simple to use. 

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7. Quitzilla

Quitzilla is a fun app that can help you quit smoking or overcome addiction. The app is just seamless to set up; all you have to do is select the addiction you wish to overcome and then the app starts working. 

Along with the addiction that you want to quit, you also have to enter your motivating factor and the time in which you expect to quit your habit and you are all good to go. On the app’s home screen, you will see a lot of insights that will surely keep you motivated.  

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8. EasyQuit 

Next up, we have EasyQuit and this app focuses on improving the overall health of your body. The app shows you how all the health metrics of your body improve when you quit smoking. From enhanced blood circulation to higher oxygen levels, etc.

It even shows you how your sense of taste and smell heals. It also has a slow mode that helps you quit smoking slowly at your pace and with a customized plan. You can even earn badges as you progress in your journey.  

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