Businesses, enterprises, and Startups need VoIP service, be it RingCentral or other service providers. RingCentral is one of the best VoIP service providers in the world, but it is not essential to rely only on it.

For a reliable unified communication system, we present the best RingCentral alternatives for your business. These will help you build a flexible communication and collaboration system with peace of mind.

Best RingCentral Alternatives for Small Business and Startup

Like RingCentral, many other software companies are available for VoIP services for your businesses. Out of all, we have sorted out the best cost-effective RingCentral alternatives in the list.

1. Open Phone

Open Phone

Start with a powerful cloud-based phone system that can help a medium-sized business, startup, or individual create a support system for customers and employees. The feature-rich business phone system allows us to route and forward calls.

The cost-effective VoIP service provider is 66% cheaper than a conventional phone system, and its user experience is top-notch. You can integrate other third-party software, such as Slack and Email, smoothly.

Visit: Open Phone

2. DialPadDialpad

When it comes to the best alternatives to RingCentral, Dialpad is one of the ones that needs to be mentioned. Built on Google Cloud, it provides unlimited text messaging, voice calling, transcription, and more for your business.

DialPad allows you to start high-quality video meetings with employees. It can also integrate with Slack and Zapier. Its mobile apps are available on different platforms for ease of access.

Visit: DialPad

3. Nextiva


Next on the list here’s Nextiva, probably one of the best RingCentral alternatives. It provides unlimited video meetings, messaging, virtual fax, and call pop. Nextiva is widely known for its 99.99% uptime services.

You can also forward a call to your phone. It is a great tool for team communication and customer relationships. You can start a conference call instantly.

Besides these, you can connect the app with other third-party apps to meet your business goal without a headache. Overall, it will be a brilliant choice in place of RingCentral.

Visit: Nextiva

4. Grasshopper


Various software is similar to RingCentral, whether for unlimited calls, text messages, call forwards, or even virtual fax. Grasshopper is one of the software that has built credibility and trustworthiness in the VoIP industry.

Besides all of these, you can host a video conference with 200 participants. The virtual phone system allows us to use multiple numbers. Although it has iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows apps.

Visit: Grasshopper


Another scalable VoIP service provider on our list and a good competitor of RingCentral. is one of the best for small and medium businesses that offer voice calls, text messages, MMS, and even fax services.

Managing six numbers on your mobile will be a cup of tea for anyone. It also provides voicemail transcription and video conference. You can easily integrate with SugarCRM, Zapier, Zoho,, and Microsoft Dynamics.


6. Mitel Mi Cloud – Mitel Connect

Mitel Mi Cloud

Inside Mitel Mi Cloud, you can easily do everything from hosting a team meeting to setting up a cloud business phone system. It provides unified communications, inbound and outbound call monitoring, and on-site business phone systems.

You can connect Mi Cloud with the Microsoft team for calling and voice integration features. Its Mitel Connect’s Chrome extension provides a seamless connection experience between Mitel Connect and Google G Suite.

Visit: Mitel Mi Cloud

7. Vonage


Vonage is another powerful VoIP services provider on our list. Its team collaboration tools allow you to customize every meeting plan easily. Like RingCentral, it provides text messaging, unlimited calling, and video conferencing features.

Since it supports multiple devices, you can run the app from anywhere. Moreover, you can perfect integrate with other third-party apps such as Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and Connectwise. The app allows 100 people to participate in a video conference.

Visit: Vonage

8. 8*8

8 and 8

If you are a solopreneur or a small businessperson, 8*8 is the cost-effective RingCentral alternative. Even big corporate giants use the tool for video meetings, voice calling, and instant text messaging.

Its 99.99% uptime service will justify every spending penny. Moreover, you can use multiple numbers. Other than that, its AI-based assistant will transcribe voicemails in real time. Its call tracking and monitoring feature surely help to increase the business’s overall performance.

Visit: 8*8

9. Ooma


Ooma is a simple but powerful VoIP service provider and a great alternative to RingCentral. Since the tool is available in 60 countries worldwide, you will get several of the following countries you want.

Moreover, all necessary features are available inside the tools, such as SMS, call recording, virtual receptionist, videoconferencing, and many more. Its call management system helps you block, hold, and record a particular call. Moreover, it offers a 60-day free trial to start without hassle.

Visit: Ooma

10. GoToConnect


In the last, we have another perfect replacement for RingCentral. Jive was the earlier name of GoToConncet. However, using the app, you can call, message, voicemail, and many more things. The app allows us to set any custom message or greets for further use.

GoToConnect is available in 190 countries, which is the app’s key highlight. Using its drag-and-drop system, you can change a call’s route (call routing). Other third-party integrations can be processed with minimum effort.

Visit: GoToConnect

Final Words

Well, that’s wrap-up: this is everything you need to know about the best RingCentral alternatives. Some platforms have specific features, while others have all essentials.

However, you have enough information to bid farewell to RingCentral. Which tool are you going to use? Let me know in the comments.


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