Are your kids forgetting or struggling to remember any sight words? However, it is not an easy job to remember all words, especially as a kid. But sight word apps can help your kids memorize any word in an effective and fun way.

You should move towards sight word apps instead of being a disappointed teacher or parent about why your children failed to remember sight words. Which can be more fruitful than anything else. That’s why we have listed down the best sight words apps for android and iOS to choose the best for your little prince.

Best Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS

Plenty of sight word apps are available in the app market. Few of them work fine, few use so many ads, and some have too much clutter. Here’s why we have researched the best free sight word apps for mobile for you and your little one.

1. Sight Words Coach

Sight Words Coach

Top of the list, Sight Words Coach is one of the best sight words apps for kids. Using this app, your kid can recognize all essential sight words if your kid maintains consistency in a fun way.

You could see a dramatic difference in a minimum of five minutes of app usage while it has all five levels of sight words. All its graphics make it more enjoyable and attractive. There are many fun animations to help a kid with their utmost.

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2. Sight Words Pre-K to Grade 3

Sight Words Pre-K to Grade 3

Do you want to help your kid to learn Dolch sight words as soon as possible? Then, Sight Words Pre-K to Grade 3 is surely available to you.

They have designed the game for Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 children. Your kid can play the game in two different modes: one is easy mode, and another is the normal mode to create a word. Hence, the game is free to play.

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3. Sight Words List

Sight Words List

Brought to buy Innovative Mobile Apps, Sight Words List could be a perfect sight word learning app. The app is fully customizable, simple, and fun enough to inspire a kid to learn sight words strategically.

The app contains 315 Dolch word lists and has been divided into appropriate age groups. You can even add custom word lists for your kid. Multi-sensory learning tools help you combine audio, voice, and written words.

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4. Sight Words

slight words

Sight Words is another top-notch sight word learning platform for kids. The app has an intuitive design and five levels of vocabulary set. Using the app, a kid can read and listen to a word simultaneously to recognize it correctly.

Inside the game, your kid can participate in Tammy the Frog on a journey through four exciting activities. All in all, Sight Words is a wonderful game for kids to level up basic English words.

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5. Sight Words Sentence Builder

Sight Words Sentence Builder

This could be one of the best sight word apps for your kids. The Sight Words Sentence Builder contains all the Dolch sight word list levels.

In addition, it has more than 100 example sentences to begin with. The intuitive design app has three other themes to make it look more decorative. Overall, the app is quite impressive for sight word learning.

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6. Sight Words Learning Games

Sight Words Learning Games

Sight Words Learning Games is one of the kindergarten’s best sight word apps. It consists of 6 engaging educational games that can help children remember words.

The app also has more than 320 flashcards. Moreover, all six games are properly arranged with word machines, spelling, bingo, memory games, flashcards, and gears.

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7. Learn Sight Words

Learn Sight Words

Yet another pretty handy sight word learning app for iPhones and iPads. Using this simple app, your kid can hear and see 1000 sight word flashcards. The app comes with classroom-style print, which can be extremely beneficial to remembering any word in the first place.

The app has a marking feature to attract extra attention. Every set of words comes with a 25-word mix. All words are arranged in alphabetical order, but you can shuffle them. However, all recorded word sounds have been recorded by professionals, which can be more fruitful for your kid.

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8. Sight Words Flash Cards Free

Sight Words Flash Cards Free

Games always tingle kids’ brains. Preparing something good for your kids as a form of the game will be far better than anything else. Sight Words Flash Cards Free is an attractive and interactive sight word game that can help your kids learn faster.

The game has more than 200 words, including the popular Dolch words. Needless to say, the game is coming innovative, neat, and clean interface. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a buck for the game.

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9. Sight Words & Phonic Reading

Sight Words & Phonic Reading

Next on the list, Sight Words & Phonic Reading is another ideal sight words app for children. The key highlight of the app is 500 reading games, which can boost learning cravings.

The app also provides phonics, sight words, and tracing. It offers hundreds of fun learning activities.

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10. Sight Words Reading Games ABC

Sight Words Reading Games ABC

Sight Words Reading Games ABC is another option for learning sight words effortlessly. The game is perfect for children between the ages of 2 and 7.

The app has 220 popular sight word lists. Using the app, your kid can play flashcards to improve the frequency of sight words. It also has educational programs for school reading success.

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Final Words

These are the best free sight words apps for android and iOS. With the help of any app, your children can progress further and level up to build essential vocabulary at a very early age.


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