Stickers are popular because they simplify complex messages, add fun and visual appeal, and make it easy to communicate lengthy ideas and messages. They are widely used on each and every social media platform.

However, using Sticker Packs on WhatsApp is easy, but finding the best one is difficult. Therefore, we have rounded up the best sticker packs for WhatsApp that you can use to convey complex matters in a simple and fun way.

Best Sticker Packs for WhatsApp

The internet is loaded with sticker packs every here and there. Has different features and functionalities. But here, we have featured the best free Sticker Packs for WhatsApp that can benefit you the most.

1. Stickfy


Stickfy is one of my personal favorite sticker apps. Using it, you can explore an extensive sticker library that can be used on WhatsApp. Additionally, it allows you to customize all existing stickers for your needs and demands.

Almost every type of sticker is available inside its packs, such as anime, animals, movies, sports, cats, dogs, and many more. If you are not satisfied with them and want to create something custom, the app has also an option for you.

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2. More Sticker for WhatsApp

More Sticker for WhatsApp

For many years More Sticker for WhatsApp is the leading sticker pack used by millions of people across the globe. Inside the app, you can use a variety of sticker packs for various reasons. Along with cartoon stickers, you can also use PUBG, Fortnite, and other stickers.

Since it has humongous sticker packs, you can add any sticker according to your preference. Even if you want to add 3D sticker packs, the app has everything for you. However, with a seamless user experience, the app is totally free to use.

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3. Sticker Cloud & Sticker Maker

Sticker Cloud & Sticker Maker

Whether you want to use existing stickers or make something more meaningful for you real quick, then look no further than Sticker Cloud & Sticker Maker, as it’s one of the best out of all. Moreover, you can customize existing stickers too.

The app has featured a variety of sticker packs to use like animes, movies, sports, Christmas, funny, video games, and celebrities. One of the best things about the app is it adds more stickers frequently to maintain trends and time.

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4. Wemoji


Wemoji is a bit different than other apps, but very useful when it comes to creating our own sticker packs, known as the best WhatsApp sticker editor. To get started with the app, you just need to upload your photo, and you’re good to go.

It will show the result within a minute, and now you can enjoy the sticker on WhatsApp and other platforms. However, with the help of the app, you can play with texts and different types of emojis to make your sticker more relevant and effective in conveying the message.

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With 100 million users all alone in Play Store, is a great place for sticker packs for Android and iOS users. It’s widely popular because of its large sticker database. You can see more than a billion stickers – which is beyond imagination.

However, you will get thousands of animated stickers. Also, has a nice capability to create stickers for you as well as for others. If you ask about the standout feature of the app, it’s the simple and user-centric UI, which is why the app has got the crowd.

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6. Cat Meme Sticker

Cat Memes Stickers

If you are a cat lover, then Cat Meme Sticker needs your attention of you. The app is loved by millions of animal lovers. However, it has featured animated cats of different breeds stickers.

With many different types of emotions, cat stickers are very funny and message-driven. All in all, a nice and smooth sticker app that contains many sticker packs.

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7. 3D Memes Sticker

3D Memes Sticker

Yet another highly popular sticker pack app for WhatsApp. 3D Memes Sticker is the one-stop solution for different types of memes sticker that helps to express funny things at a glance.

Adding a sticker pack on WhatsApp is very simple. You just need to open your favorite app, find a suitable sticker, and click on Add to WhatsApp – that’s it.

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8. Dog Meme Sticker

Dog meme sticker WAStickerApps

Very similar to the Cat Meme Sticker, the Dog Meme Sticker is a considerable sticker pack for all dog lovers.

It has included many types of funny dog meme stickers. Also animated stickers and emojis are also featured from different types of dogs. Best of all, a great sticker source for dog lovers.

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Final Words

Without a doubt, the above-mentioned app list of the best sticker packs for WhatsApp has different types of stickers. You can download what suits you most. However, which one are you picking? Let us know in the comment section.


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